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Dome homes are energy efficient buildings. Except for below-the-earth buildings, dome homes have the least exterior outside area of any design. Thus they loose less heat in the winter and stay cooler in the summer. Standardized dome home kits and installers are easy to find in most places in the US. Some dome manufacturers guarantee resistance to hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes!    We are guessing that this building is approximately 70 feet in diameter.  We were unable to get the exact dimensions from the designer or the builder.


Extreme environmental forces compel us to incorporate extreme building solutions. Domes resist a variety of assaults by Mother Nature.  The dome structure is impervious to tornadoes, landslides, avalanches, earthquakes, fires, snow and ice storms.  Even the tsunami of 2004 has spawned an avid interest in utilizing more domes as the destroyed areas are rebuilt.

When repetitive hurricanes struck their home, Mark and Valerie Sigler responded by building a monolithic dome structure.   Studies at Idaho State University determined the Dome of a Home will withstand 500 + mile an hour winds.  Its curved shape and massive weight resist storm surge damage.  These qualities combined with an absence of a roof to be compromised makes the dome extremely hurricane resistant.









By planting the domes into the mountainside, they become immune to Mother Nature's attacks.   The shape is strong and not vulnerable to the weight of avalanches, landslides, or snow and ice build up.  The strength of the dome shape also makes it impervious to earthquakes. With the appropriate Hepa-filter system and fire resistant coating, a dome’s occupants could likely survive a raging forest fire. Dragon Speed Design Group’s goal is to create beautiful, functional structures that embrace their environment and its challenges. The creation of enduring architecture springs from passion and curiosity. We create homes that are light-filled, proportionate, and durably crafted. The designs are guided by the character, texture, and rhythms of the surrounding landscape. Our balanced interiors offer calming sanctuaries from the rigors of everyday life while honoring our clients' individual possessions. Truly exceptional homes are the result of consistent communication, dedication, and integrity.

The long-term mission of the Dragon Speed Design Group is to establish a proven model of compatibility between human settlement and the conservation of natural resources and landscape.

Valerie 850.723.5107


The acre is a unit of area in a number of different systems, including the imperial and U.S. customary systems. The most commonly used acres today are the international acre and, in the United States, the survey acre. The most common use of the acre is to measure tracts of land.

One acre comprises 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square feet[1]. While all modern variants of the acre contain 4,840 square yards, there are alternative definitions of a yard, so the exact size of an acre depends on which yard it is based on. Originally, an acre was understood as a selion of land sized at one furlong (660 ft) long and one chain (66 ft) wide; this may have also been understood as an approximation of the amount of land an ox could plough in one day. A square enclosing one acre is approximately 208 feet and 9 inches (63.6 metres) on a side. But as a unit of measure an acre has no prescribed shape; any perimeter enclosing 43,560 square feet is an acre in size.

The acre is often used to express areas of land. In the metric system, the hectare is commonly used for the same purpose. An acre is approximately 40% of a hectare.

One acre is 90.75 percent of a 53.33-yard-wide American football field. The full field, including the end zones, covers approximately 1.32 acres (0.53 ha). It may also be remembered as 44,000 square feet, less 1%; or as the product of 66 x 660.


dome solar panels


dome sedona

Dome in Sedona area

I was greeted warmly and an even friendlier conversation was begun. I explained that I had seen the house while driving by and wanted to take a closer look. The friendly owner then invited me inside to explain more about it.

The invitation was accepted and a very interesting story followed about low building costs, the romance of living off grid and a low energy consumption. Towards the sunny side, the south, there was a large window of which a low standing winter sun is capable of shining through, but not a high summer sun. This way the dome house barely required heating during the winter and in summertime, the air conditioning is barely needed. I was astounded by the simplicity of this technique and its results.


dome sketch



"One can live anywhere and incorporate this holistic and beneficial system for living and honoring the earth. Friends and visitors have come for all over the world to see and experience my futuristic way of living. the masonry dome's superior strength offers a balance and blending of today's life style and future integrity.
Dome shaped structures focus life energy into their occupants, thereby positively influencing their lives. Recognizing the fact that not all humans are square shaped, Masonry Domes specializes in building domes as a home alternative, typically on land suited to alternative living. Masonry Domes specializes in wind and solar powered structures, eliminating the need to hook into the power grid.
Mason currently lives in an earth friendly solar and wind powered, dome home he built in the Bear Mountain development, Sedona, Arizona.
Click here To E Mail Mason Phone: 928-300-7352 Address: 320 Bear Mountain Rd. Sedona, AZ 86336







This is a monestery for

This group is for the co-ordination and sharing of fundraising activity for H.H. Buddha Maitreya's Monastery Project.

The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery is a sacred site for H.H. Buddha Maitreya to Bless the Earth and Heal the Nations both in this and future lifetimes.

The layout is a central pyramid surrounded by six domes in the sacred geometry of the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Star as found in all temples, churches, stupas and holy sites.

The design is built to last a thousand years and will incorporate solar, wind, geothermal, EV's, aquaponics, hydroponics, and Life Extension Programs.

Please visit our fundraising page for further information:


Desert Earthdome in Tucson, AZ





The Climatron greenhouse at Missouri Botanical Gardens,
built during 1960, inspired the domes in the science fiction movie Silent Running.
The Climatron, named for its climate-control technology, stands 70 feet high and 175 feet in diameter. It encompasses a volume of 1.3 million cubic feet, and a ground surface of about 24,000 square feet (more than half an acre). The form of the building was chosen to fit the specific demands of a greenhouse. The Climatron has no interior support and no columns from floor to ceiling, allowing more light and space for plants. Instead, the weight of the dome is carried to the ground on five piers around the perimeter of the circle. The interlocking triangle design helps to distribute weight throughout the dome, allowing it to be lightweight but strong. The original outer structure was made of lightweight aluminum, which resists corrosion, lined by a plastic Plexiglas "skin" suspended below the aluminum framework.


I am interested in living in a circular or dome shaped home. I like the idea of not living in a box. I researched the concept and found that there were companies that constructed geodesic and dome homes. The problem came when trying to figure out if a city or county would permit the building of a non-traditional home.

Depending where you live in the United States, it could be an uphill fight. Even if you could prove that the home was built to withstand hurricane, fire, or earthquake conditions, it could be denied a permit. If the structure was not in the building codes book or there was no one on staff capable of evaluating the viability, it wasn't going to be built.





by Paolo Solen


Arizona Dome Home

If I somehow made it past code enforcement bureaucrats then there would be the neighbors. You can't forget about the NIMBYs, - not in my back yard, city or county people who want to maintain the area as they currently know it. NIMBYs do have the right to speak up about anything that could affect the value in their homes.

Home owners certainly should have a say as to the look of their environment or to maintain a stylistic cultural heritage. Yet there are times when NIMBYs can be as dogmatic as a political bureaucrat; no change unless it is in my direct vested interest to do so. 

Environmentally speaking, holding on to traditional building techniques can be dangerous. No, I'm not talking about climate change.

I'm talking about building square and rectangular wood homes in areas know for fires. Or building a home on stilts next to the ocean is not such a good idea. Not to say that you can't build a home near a coastline but the needs of the environment should probably take more precedence than design considerations.

Yet we continue to re-build the same old boxes. It is very easy to find video of people vowing to rebuild their homes exactly as they were before the tremblers, tornados and storms of the century. Do we really need to make the same mistakes over and over again?






The Montreal Biosphère, formerly the American Pavilion of Expo 67,
by R. Buckminster Fuller, on Île Sainte-Hélène, Montreal, Canada

What Is Sustainable Architecture?

According to the Living with Nature web site:

We define sustainable architecture (often referred to as "green" architecture) as buildings that incorporate materials and practices that, at a minimum, have lower impact on the environment than conventional materials and practices.

Sand, Sun and Architecture for Humanity





Carina at CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities blog gave me a glimpse into why the buildings fell as the did in Haiti:

Much of the built environment was lacking structurally sound components. Buildings with too much sand in the concrete mix were the norm. Reinforcement beams were scarce.

As a person who lives in earthquake country, I understand about retrofitting, re-enforcement and being aware of a building's composition. You really pay attention when the freeway near you shows a crack or two more than you think necessary. I don’t want to imagine a place where human lives were traded for short term financial advantage. Sadly, I don’t have to, that is the reality.

Carina's focus of her post was on building upon the solar energy potential of Haiti and transitioning from petroleum usages when possible. There is an opportunity to build according to the needs of the island and the environment. 

Carina’s post also introduced me to Architecture for Humanity.

I do not want to make light of the enormous reconstruction that will have to occur in Haiti. Given a choice, a square roof will do much better than no roof at all. There are also governmental pressures and predatory opportunists to contend within the mist of that situation.

Still, my heart leans toward the dreamers that create. Maybe we can put some of the questions off to the side and be willing to see a different path. Not a quick fix but a plan that respects the environment, the people and the vision.

I’m ready. How about you?

epcot center

Spaceship Earth at Epcot, Walt Disney World, a geodesic sphere



Other Readings about Architecture, Design and Sustainability

Anne Thorpe of Design Activism writes about how design can be used to move folks closer to reduced consumption and re-visioning use.

Marjanne Pearson at Next Moon blog deals with design ideas as it pertains to architects, engineers and marketing concerns.

Gena Haskett is a BlogHer CE. Blogs:Out On



Geodesic dome

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A geodesic dome is a spherical or partial-spherical shell structure or lattice shell based on a network of great circles (geodesics) lying on the surface of a sphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements that have local triangular rigidity and also distribute the stress across the entire structure. When completed to form a complete sphere, it is known as a geodesic sphere. The term "dome" refers to an enclosed structure and should not be confused with non-enclosed geodesic structures such as geodesic climbers found on playgrounds.

Typically the design of a geodesic dome begins with an icosahedron inscribed in a sphere, tiling each triangular face with smaller triangles, then projecting the vertices of each tile to the sphere. The endpoints of the links of the completed sphere would then be the projected endpoints on the sphere's surface. If this is done exactly, each of the edges of the sub-triangles is a slightly different length, so it would require a very large number of links of different sizes. To minimize the number of different sizes of links, various simplifications are made. The result is a compromise consisting of a pattern of triangles with their vertices lying approximately on the surface of the sphere. The edges of the triangles form approximate geodesic paths over the surface of the dome that distribute its weight.

Geodesic designs can be used to form any curved, enclosed space. Oddly-shaped designs would require calculating for and custom building of each individual strut, vertex or panel—resulting in potentially expensive construction. Because of the expense and complexity of design and fabrication of any geodesic dome, builders have tended to standardize using a few basic designs.

  • DOME


[edit] Related patterns

Similar non-geodesic structures may be based upon the pattern of edges and vertices of certain platonic solids, or upon various expansions of these called Johnson solids. Such structures may be composed of struts of uniform length while having faces other than triangles such as pentagons or squares, or these faces may be subdivided by struts of other than the basic length. Plans and licenses for such structures derived from licenses of the Fuller patents were produced during the 1970s by Zomeworks (now a manufacturer of solar trackers). Both geodesic and non-geodesic structures can be derived similarly from the archimedean solids and catalan solids.

The building of strong stable structures out of patterns of reinforcing triangles is most commonly seen in tent design. It has been applied in the abstract in other industrial design, but even in management science and deliberative structures as a conceptual metaphor, especially in the work of Stafford Beer, whose transmigration method is based so specifically on dome design that only fixed numbers of people can take part in the process at each deliberation stage.




The first dome that could be called "geodesic" in every respect was designed just after World War I by Walther Bauersfeld,[1] chief engineer of the Carl Zeiss optical company, for a planetarium to house his new planetarium projector. The dome was patented, constructed by the firm of Dykerhoff and Wydmann on the roof of the Zeiss plant in Jena, Germany, and opened to the public in July 1926.[2] Some 30 years later, R. Buckminster Fuller named the dome "geodesic" from field experiments with artist Kenneth Snelson at Black Mountain College in 1948 and 1949. Snelson and Fuller worked together in developing what they termed "tensegrity," an engineering principle of continuous tension and discontinuous compression that allowed domes to deploy a lightweight lattice of interlocking icosahedrons that could be skinned with a protective cover. Although Fuller was not the original inventor, he developed the intrinsic mathematics of the dome, thereby allowing popularization of the idea — for which he received a U.S. patent in 1954.[3]

The geodesic dome appealed to Fuller because it was extremely strong for its weight, its "omnitriangulated" surface provided an inherently stable structure, and because a sphere encloses the greatest volume for the least surface area. Fuller hoped that the geodesic dome would help address the postwar housing crisis. This was consistent with his prior hopes for both versions of the Dymaxion House.


However, from a practical perspective, geodesic constructions have some disadvantages. They have a very large number of edges in comparison with more conventional structures which have just a few large flat surfaces. Each of the edges must be prevented from leaking, which can be quite challenging for a geodesic structure. Also, spaces enclosed within curved boundaries tend to be less usable than spaces enclosed within flat boundaries. (Since it would be impractical to produce sofas with every possible curved shape, they are normally constructed along straight lines, and so leave wasted space when placed in a curved space.)

The dome was successfully adopted for specialized industrial use, such as the 1958 Union Tank Car Company dome near Baton Rouge, Louisiana and specialty buildings like the Kaiser Aluminum domes (constructed in numerous locations across the US, e.g., Virginia Beach, VA), auditoriums, weather observatories, and storage facilities. The dome was soon breaking records for covered surface, enclosed volume, and construction speed. According to a WAFB-TV of Baton Rouge news report on November 27, 2007, the Union Tank Car Company Dome has been demolished.

Leveraging the geodesic dome's stability, the US Air Force experimented with helicopter-deliverable units.

The dome was introduced to a wider audience as a pavilion for the 1964 World's Fair in New York City. This dome is now used as an aviary by the Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Another dome is from Expo 67 the Montreal, Canada World's Fair as part of the American Pavilion. The structure's covering later burned, but the structure itself still stands and, under the name Biosphère, currently houses an interpretive museum about the Saint Lawrence River.

During the 1970s, the Cinesphere dome was built at the Ontario Place amusement park in Toronto, Canada. During 1975, a dome was constructed at the South Pole, where its resistance to snow and wind loads is important.

Residential geodesic domes have been less successful than those used for working and/or entertainment, largely because of their complexity and consequent greater construction costs. Fuller himself lived in a geodesic dome in Carbondale, Illinois, at the corner of Forest and Cherry [1]. Residential domes have not become as popular as Fuller hoped. He thought of residential domes as air-deliverable products manufactured by an aerospace-like industry. Fuller's dome home still exists, and a group called RBF Dome NFP is attempting to restore the dome and have it registered as a National Historic Landmark.


[edit] Chord factors

Géode V 3 1.gif Géode V 3 1 duale.gif
A geodesic sphere and its dual.

The mathematical object "chord" of the "geodesic sphere" corresponds to the structural "strut" of the physical "geodesic dome". The general definition of a chord is a (straight) line segment joining two points on a curve. For simple geodesic domes we recognize the associated curve to be the surface of a sphere. Here is how chords of geodesic spheres are generated. We first choose an underlying polyhedron with equal triangle faces. The regular icosahedron is most popular. The sphere we use is specifically the "circumscribing sphere" that contains the points (vertices) of the underlying polyhedron. The desired frequency of the subsequent geodesic sphere or dome is the number of parts or segments into which a side (edge) of the underlying polyhedral triangle is subdivided. The frequency has historically been denoted by the Greek letter "ν" (nu). By connecting like points along the subdivided sides we produce a natural triangular grid of segments inside each underlying triangle face. Each segment of the grid is then projected as a "chord" onto the surface of the circumscribing sphere. The technical definition of a chord factor is the ratio of the chord length to the radius of the circumscribing sphere. It is therefore convenient to think of the circumscribing sphere as scaled to radius = 1 in which "chord factors" are the same as "chord lengths" (decimal numbers less than one).

For geodesic spheres a well-known formula for calculating any "chord factor" is

chord factor = 2 Sin (θ / 2) where θ is the corresponding angle of arc for the given chord, that is, the "central angle" spanned by the chord with respect to the center of the circumscribing sphere. Determining the central angle usually requires some non-trivial spherical geometry.

In Geodesic Math and How to Use It Hugh Kenner writes, "Tables of chord factors, containing as they do the essential design information for spherical systems, were for many years guarded like military secrets. As late as 1966, some 3ν icosa figures from Popular Science Monthly were all anyone outside the circle of Fuller licensees had to go on." (page 57, 1976 edition). Other tables became available with publication of Lloyd Kahn's Domebook 1 (1970) and Domebook 2 (1971). With advent of personal computers, the mathematics became more solvable. Rick Bono's Dome software outputs a script that can be used with the POV-ray raytrace to produce 3D pictures of domes. Domes based on the frameworks of different underlying polyhedra along with various methods for subdividing them will produce quite different results. Mathematical formulas developed by Peter W. Messer for calculating chord factors and dihedral angles for the general geodesic sphere appear in the Appendix of the 1999 Dover edition of Spherical Models by Magnus J. Wenninger.

Inside the Eden Project tropical biome

[edit] Methods of construction

Construction details of a permanently installed tent-type geodesic dome by Buckminster Fuller.
phoenix project


Wooden domes have a hole drilled in the width of a strut. A stainless steel band locks the strut's hole to a steel pipe. With this method, the struts may be cut to the exact length needed. Triangles of exterior plywood are then nailed to the struts. The dome is wrapped from the bottom to the top with several stapled layers of tar paper, in order to shed water, and finished with shingles. This type of dome is often called a hub-and-strut dome because of the use of steel hubs to tie the struts together.

Panelized domes are constructed of separately-framed timbers covered in plywood. The three members comprising the triangular frame are often cut at compound angles in order to provide for a flat fitting of the various triangles. Holes are drilled through the members at precise locations and steel bolts then connect the triangles to form the dome. These members are often 2x4's or 2x6's, which allow for more insulation to fit within the triangle. The panelized technique allows the builder to attach the plywood skin to the triangles while safely working on the ground or in a comfortable shop out of the weather. This method does not require expensive steel hubs.

Temporary greenhouse domes have been constructed by stapling plastic sheeting onto a dome constructed from one-inch square beams. The result is warm, movable by hand in sizes less than 20 feet, and cheap. It should be staked to the ground to prevent it being moved by wind.

Steel-framework domes can be easily constructed of electrical conduit. One flattens the end of a strut and drills bolt holes at the needed length. A single bolt secures a vertex of struts. The nuts are usually set with removable locking compound, or if the dome is portable, have a castle nut with a cotter pin. This is the standard way to construct domes for jungle-gyms.

Concrete and foam plastic domes generally start with a steel framework dome, wrapped with chicken wire and wire screen for reinforcement. The chicken wire and screen is tied to the framework with wire ties. A coat of material is then sprayed or molded onto the frame. Tests should be performed with small squares to achieve the correct consistency of concrete or plastic. Generally, several coats are necessary on the inside and outside. The last step is to saturate concrete or polyester domes with a thin layer of epoxy compound to shed water.

Some concrete domes have been constructed from prefabricated, prestressed, steel-reinforced concrete panels that can be bolted into place. The bolts are within raised receptacles covered with little concrete caps to shed water. The triangles overlap to shed water. The triangles in this method can be molded in forms patterned in sand with wooden patterns, but the concrete triangles are usually so heavy that they must be placed with a crane. This construction is well-suited to domes because there is no place for water to pool on the concrete and leak through. The metal fasteners, joints and internal steel frames remain dry, preventing frost and corrosion damage. The concrete resists sun and weathering. Some form of internal flashing or caulking must be placed over the joints to prevent drafts. The 1963 Cinerama Dome was built from precast concrete hexagons and pentagons.

In 1986 a patent for a dome construction technique involving EPS triangles laminated to reinforced concrete on the outside, and wallboard on the inside was awarded to American Ingenuity of Rockledge Florida. The construction technique allows the domes to be prefabricated in kit form and erected by a homeowner. This method makes the seams into the strongest part of the structure, where the seams and especially the hubs in most wooden-framed domes are the weakest point in the structure. It also has the advantage of being watertight.

 Largest geodesic dome structures

Many geodesic domes built are still in use. According to the Buckminster Fuller Institute,[4] the world's ten largest geodesic domes are

 See also

[edit] References

4. Geodesic Domes

Fuller invented the Geodesic Dome in the late 1940s to demonstrate some ideas about housing and ``energetic-synergetic geometry'' which he had developed during WWII. This invention built on his two decade old quest to improve the housing of humanity. It represents a brilliant demonstration of his synergetics principles; and in the right circumstances it could solve some of the pressing housing problems of today (a housing crisis which Fuller predicted back in 1927).

geodesic dome

4.1 What is a geodesic dome?

[From Robert T. Bowers' paper on Domes last posted to GEODESIC in 1989.]

A geodesic dome is a type of structure shaped like a piece of a sphere or a ball. This structure is comprised of a complex network of triangles that form a roughly spherical surface. The more complex the network of triangles, the more closely the dome approximates the shape of a true sphere [sic].

By using triangles of various sizes, a sphere can be symmetrically divided by thirty-one great circles. A great circle is the largest circle that can be drawn around a sphere, like the lines of latitude [ED: he means longitude] around the earth, or the equator. Each of these lines divide the sphere into two halves, hence the term geodesic, which is from the Latin meaning ``earth dividing.''

[From Mitch Amiano]

The dome is a structure with the highest ratio of enclosed area to external surface area, and in which all structural members are equal contributors to the whole. There are many sizes of triangles in a geodesic [ED: dome], depending on the frequency of subdivision of the underlying spherical polyhedron. The cross section of a geodesic [ED: dome] approximates a great-circle line.

Do domes really weigh less than their component materials?

[From Pat Salsbury]

Well, the structures weigh less when completed because of the air-mass inside the dome. When it's heated warmer than the outside air, it has a net lifting effect (like a hot-air balloon).

This is almost unnoticeable in smaller structures, like houses, but, as with other things about geodesics, being as they're based upon spheres, the effect increases geometrically with size. So you'd be able to notice it in a sports stadium, and a sphere more than a half mile in diameter would be able to float in the air with only a 1 degree F difference in temperature!

What about underground concrete domes?

[From Randy Burns.]

Underground concrete domes are rather interesting

1) They can use chemical sealing and landscaping to avoid leakage problems associated with wooden domes.

2) They are extremely strong. Britz [see Dome References for more on Britz] has obtained extremely low insurance rates on his structures. The insurance company tested one building by driving a D8 Caterpillar tractor on top of the house!

3) There's little hassle involved in dealing with materials that were really standardized for use building boxes. The only specialized tools are the forms, everything else can easily be used off the shelf.

4) They can be quite aesthetic. Britz has shown that you can build developments where the houses can't really see each other.

5) They are cheap and easy to heat, cheap enough that you can build a much larger structure than you might using conventional housing and use standard room divider technology to split the thing up into room.

What are geotangent domes?

[Keyed in by Patrick G. Salsbury.]

The following is quoted from ``Scientific American'' in the September 1989 issue. (Pages 102-104)

Surpassing the Buck (Geometry decrees a new dome)

``I started with the universe--as an organization of energy systems of which all our experiences and possible experiences are only local instances. I could have ended up with a pair of flying slippers.'' -R. Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller never did design a pair of flying slippers. Yet he became famous for an invention that seemed almost magical: the geodesic dome, an assemblage of triangular trusses that grows stronger as it grows larger. Some dispute that Fuller originated the geodesic dome; in Science a la Mode, physicist and author Tony Rothman argues that the Carl Zeiss Optical Company built and patented the first geodesic dome in Germany during the 1920's. Nevertheless, in the wake of Fuller's 1954 patent, thousands of domes sprung up as homes and civic centers--even as caps on oil-storage tanks. Moreover, in a spirit that Fuller would have heartily applauded, hundreds of inventors have tinkered with dome designs, looking for improved versions. Now one has found a way to design a completely different sort of dome.

In May, J. Craig Yacoe, a retired engineer, won patent number 4,825,602 for a ``geotangent dome,'' made up of pentagons and hexagons, that promises to be more versatile that its geodesic predecessor. Since Fuller's dome is based on a sphere, cutting it anywhere but precisely along its equator means that the triangles at the bottom will tilt inward or outward. In contrast, Yacoe's dome, which has a circular base, follows the curve of an ellipsoid. Builders can consequently pick the dimensions they need, Yacoe Says. And his design ensures that the polygons at the base of his dome always meet the ground at right angles, making it easier to build than a geodesic dome. He hopes these features will prove a winning combination.

Although Fuller predicted that a million domes would be built by the mid-1980's, the number is closer to 50,000. Domes are nonetheless still going up in surprising places. A 265-foot-wide geodesic dome is part of a new pavilion at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center in Florida. A bright blue 360-foot-high dome houses a shopping center in downtown Ankara, Turkey. Stockholm, Sweden, boasts a 280-foot-high dome enclosing a new civic center.

Dome design is governed by some basic principles. A sphere can be covered with precisely 20 equilateral triangles; for a geodesic dome, those triangles are carved into smaller ones of different sizes. But to cover a sphere or ellipsoid with various sizes of pentagons and hexagons required another technique, Yacoe says.

Yacoe eventually realized that he could build a dome of polygonal panels guided by the principle that one point on each side of every panel had to be tangent to (or touch) an imaginary circumscribed dome. With the assistance of William E. Davis, a retired mathematician, he set out to describe the problem mathematically.

They began with a ring of at least six congruent pentagons wrapped around the equator of an imaginary ellipse. The task: find the lengths of the sides and the interior angles of the polygons that form the next ring.

To do so for an ellipsoidal dome, they imagined inscribing an ellipse inside each polygon. Each ellipse touched another at one point; at these points, the sides of the polygons would also be tangent to a circumscribed ellipsoid. But where, precisely, should the points be located? Yacoe and Davis guessed, then plugged the numbers into equations that describe ellipses and intersecting planes. Aided by a personal computer, they methodically tested many guesses until the equations balanced. Using the tangent points, Yacoe and Davis could then calculate the dimensions and interior angles of the corresponding polygons and so build the next ring of the dome.

After receiving the patent, Yacoe promptly set up a consulting firm to license his patents. He says dome-home builders have shown considerable interest, as has Spitz, Inc., a maker of planetariums located near Yacoe in Chadds Ford, Pa. Yacoe has also proposed that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration consider a geotangent structure as part of a space station. -E.C.

What are the advantages (and disadvantages) of Dome Life? (Alan Semon) writes:
>I was once interested in the idea of living in a geodesic dome home and,
>to the best of my recollection, these are some of the advantages:
>1. Heating and cooling the home become more efficient due to the fact
>that there are fewer (even no) corners where heat may be trapped.  The
>overall air flow in a dome is substantially better than in a
>conventionally constructed home (straight walls and such).
 ...and there is less surface area per square foot of living space = less
heat loss.

>2. Many dome home designs allow the option of using larger lumber for
>the dome.  2x6's or 2x8's instead of the usual 2x4's, although this is
>an option in ANY home, it seems to be more commonly done in dome home
Although for many areas of the US, there is no financial advantage to
using 2x6 construction.  A dome with R-14 throughout can outperform a
well insulated conventional house of comparable S/F.

>3. For those solar minded people, the placement of the solar collectors
>on the ``roof'' is less critical due to the curved nature of the top of
>the structure.
>4. The inherent strength of the dome makes it suitable for either
>earth-bermed or even earth covered construction techniques.  In the case
>of more common construction techniques, the structural members'
>dimensions usually need to be completely reworked in order to carry the
>extra weight.
>5. Hell, they _LOOK_ pretty neat!  This might be a problem in certain
>areas which one of those laws which say that all homes in an area _MUST_
>conform to certain guidelines concerning their architecture (bummer,
>huh?  :-)).


[Based in part on a Brewer Eddy post]

The curved walls in a dome require either custom furnishings, 100% prefab design, or an ``open spaces'' approach. Each of these would be an advantage or disadvantage in one person's eyes or another's.

Mass producing domes is easy, greatly reduces the cost and could solve many of the housing shortage problems worldwide (especially emergency housing needs).

How to use solar panels in domes? [Kerri Brochard]

[From Tom Dosemagen]

I have a dome and tried to find solar panels to be installed on the dome. I had no luck finding such a beast so I installed 320 square feet of panels on the ground close to the dome and ran all connections under ground into the basement. I live in south central Wisconsin and my experience with solar is not the greatest. My system works fine, but in order for the system to work the sun has to shine. That doesn't happen a lot here until late February or early March. My advice to people in our part of country is to take the money you were going to spend on solar and invest it. Then take your interest money and pay for conventional heat. My dome is 44 feet in diameter and with a 90% efficient furnace and my total heating bill for one season is right around $350.00. My exterior walls are framed with 2x6's. With thicker dome walls I'm sure that I could lower my heating costs by quite a bit.

4.2 Dome Math: What you've all been waiting for!!!

Dome Theory

[From Kirby Urner.]

The edges of a geodesic dome are not all the same length. The angstrom measurements between neighboring carbon atoms in a fullerene are likewise not equal.

Domes come in three Classes (I, II and III). The classification system has to do with laying an equilateral triangle down on a grid of smaller equilateral triangles, lining up corners with corners -- either aligning the triangle with the grid (I), turning it 90 degrees to bisect grid triangles (II), or rotating it discretely to have it cut skewly across the grid (III).

20 of these triangles make an icosahedron which is then placed within a circumscribing sphere. The vertexes of the triangles' internal points, defined by the grid pattern, define radii with the circumscribing sphere's center. By pushing each vertex further out along the segments so defined, until each is made equidistant from the center, an omnitriangulated geodesic sphere is formed (orthonormal projection I think cartographers call this). Again, resulting surface edge lengths are not all the same length. The resulting mesh will always contain 12 sets of 5 triangles organized into pentagons, the rest into hexagons.

The Class I version of the algorithm above always creates 20F^2 surface facets where F=1 gives the icosahedron itself. The external point population will be 10F^2+2. Since points plus facets = edges plus 2 (Euler), you will get 30F^2 edges. F is what Fuller called the Frequency of the geodesic sphere and, in the Class I case, corresponds to the number of grid intervals along any one of the 20 triangle edges.

Note: ``buckyballs'' in the sense of ``fullerenes'' are not omnitriangulated (the edges internal to the 12 pentagons and n hexagons have been removed) and come in infinitely more varieties than the above algorithm allows. The above algorithm is limited to generating point groups with icosahedral symmetry -- a minority of the fullerenes are symmetrical in this way, although C60, the most prevalent, is a derivative of the Class I structure.

[From Ben Williams]
Andrew Norris writes:
>1/ Given a dodecahedron with the edges of length unity, what is
>   the radius of the sphere that would enclose this body?
>2/ For the above case, construct each pentagon out of triangles.
>   What are the angles required so that new center-node of the
>   pentagon just touches the enclosing sphere?
This is just a 2 frequency (what-is-referred-to-in-Domebook II-as) triacon geodesic sphere. Funny you should mention that: Back in June when I first discovered this newsgroup, I got reinterested in my old hobby of building mathematical models (and R B Fuller as well). So I went through the laborious process of calculating the strut lengths to build a 2v triacon sphere (what you just described above) out of toothpicks. I have it hanging up over my monitor right now. I wish I could show how I used geometry and such to figure all the necessary lengths out. What I do is start out with a drawing of a dodecahedron projected onto a plane -- if it is oriented correctly, you will get a 2-d figure that you can use to deduce the information you want from it. (To get this figure, think of a dodecahedron made out of struts (such as toothpicks) standing on one of its edges on a sheet of paper out in the sun with the sun directly overhead. The shadow on the paper will be this figure.) These are the lengths I derived

E = length of edge of dodecahedron Distance of edge of dodecahedron from center:

Er = ( (3 + sqrt(5))/4 ) * E
1/2 distance between non-adjacent vertices of face of dodecahedron:
b = ( (sqrt(5)+1)/4 ) * E
given a face of dodecahedron, distance between vertex and opposite edge:
h = ( ( sqrt(5 + 2*sqrt(5)) ) / 2 ) * E
distance from center of dodecahedron to one of its vertices (your question 1):
R = sqrt((9 + 3*sqrt(5))/8) * E
given a face of dodecahedron, distance from its center to an edge:
l = b/h * Er
distance from center of face of dodecahedron to center of dodecahedron:
m = Er/h * Er
given face of dodecahedron, distance from center to vertex:
t = h-l
length of one of those struts going from a vertex of dodecahedron up to point above center of face but on the enclosing sphere:
S = sqrt(t^2 + (R-m)^2)

Now, to derive the angles of one of those triangles whose side lengths I have just determined, you would need to do this:

A1 = 2 * arcsin ((E/2)/S)

This is the angle of the top corners of the 5 triangles which are arched above one of the faces of the dodecahedron. My calculator gives me this angle in degrees: 67.66866319 Notice it is slightly less than the 72 degrees it would be if they were flat on the face of the dodecahedron. Now the other two angles of each of the triangles are simply derived via:

A2 and A3 = (180 - A1) / 2

I get a value of 56.1656684 degrees for these two angles.

What are the basics of Spherical Trigonometry?

 On Sat, 18 Dec 1993 03:11:53 GMT <scimatec5@UOFT02.UTOLEDO.EDU> said:
 >Hey all,
 >     A while back I asked about calculating chord factors.  I found the
 >equation that without which I don't think I could have done it (by the way I
 >was successful)-- it's a formula for calculating w/any spherical right
 >triangle.  The formula is sin a = sin A * sin c.
 >         A
 >        / |
 >    c  /  |b
 >      /   |
 >     /    |
 >    B--a--C
 >I'm sure you're all familiar w/it, but is there any other equation that would
 >be just as helpful.
 This is by Napier's rules.  Here is Napier's circle:         c-c
                                                         A-c       B-c
                                                            b   a
where -c means the complement (or 90 degrees - (minus) the arclength measure). A, B are angles, C is the right angle and a, b, c are the sides opposite A, B, and C, respectively. There are two rules:
Rule 1:

The sine of any unknown part is equal to the product of the cosines of the two known opposite parts. Or sin = cos * cos of the OPPOSITE parts.

Rule 2:

The sine of any unknown part is equal to the product of the tangents of its two known adjacent parts. Or sin = tan * tan of the ADJACENT parts.

Your formula is the same because ``c-c''=90-c and sin(90-c)=cos(c). Examples: sin(b)=tan(A-c)tan(a) or sin(b)=cos(c-c)cos(B-c).
>                                                            Steve Mather
Chris Fearnley

Tempe’s Historic Buildings

    This building is part of a trend in banking after World War II to open banks close to customers and to offer services like drive-up windows.  The building’s design also suggests that the bank is stable, accessible, forward-looking, and Arizona-based (by using local building materials).

    The geodesic panel dome on the bank dates from 1962 and the credited architects Weaver and Drover.  According to Frank Henry, who worked for Weaver and Drover and who briefly worked on this Valley National Bank building, the idea of using the geodesic dome came from Valley National Bank.  Not only because it was stylish and futuristic and cool, but because it was an efficient means to build a branch bank; create a free-span space inside and a distinctive profile outside, visible from the street.  The building is one of a decreasing number of original geodesic domes in the United States.  These last domes stand as the tangible legacy of Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic dome was, and is, a completely revolutionary construction technique.

    According to a June 20, 1962 VNB publicity release:  The golden dome on the Valley National Bank’s new Tempe Office rises three-quarters of an inch during heat of the day, contracting again in the cooling night hours.  Luminous ceiling above the 2600 square foot lobby is hung with thousands of wafer-thin aluminum leaves – each turned to a precise angle.  Special lighting protection for the metal-roof structure was included in specifications by architects Weaver & Drover … Despite its graceful, light appearance, Valley Bank’s dome weighs several tons and possesses impressive structural strength.  In tests, geodesic designs have supported more than 100 pounds per square foot and withstood hurricane winds of 125 miles per hour.
    In erecting the dome, more than 100 pre-shaped panels were fastened together with special bolts in a series of ever-widening circles around a central tower.  The roof was lifted slightly as each new ring of panels was added.  When the entire dome was assembled, it was lowered into place onto permanent supports and the tower removed.  A critical factor in the dome’s erection was accuracy in planning and placing the bearing points, which hold full weight of the 90-foot span.  These and concrete arches between were cast in place with custom-built forms … Self-supporting feature of geodesic construction eliminated need for support columns or weight-bearing walls inside the bank.  All walls in the building are curtain walls – except for the vault, which is virtually a separate building in itself.  Constructed blockhouse fashion, the vault has 12-inch thick reinforced concrete walls, floor and ceiling.  Between support piers, eyebrow-shaped arches curve to a height of 13 feet.  Spaces here are enclosed with native stone, porcelain and quarter-inch thick glare-reducing glass.

The building was razed to make room for expansion of the ASU campus. They promised to save the dome, but the many other architectural features were destroyed.






bank dome inside


Inside the bank at Tempe, AZ
















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Geodesic Dome Homes

A Natural Spaces geodesic dome home offers you a lifestyle that is at once comfortable, efficient and affordable while it is exciting, uplifting, inspiring and passionate.

Yes, passionate.  Our domes offer gorgeous wood interiors. We take advantage of breath taking views through our large groupings of dome triangle windows. Dome homes with high, soaring 2 1/2 story ceilings in the living/dining rooms. Open, airy domes but with a cozy, safe, "snuggly" feeling at the same time.

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Green Geodesic Domes

Natural Spaces Domes has been building "green" geodesic dome homes since we started building domes in the 1970's. Green Domes

Energy Efficient Domes

Our dome homes have always been based on maximizing the energy efficiency along with resource efficiency. Using our dome kit technology based on 40 years of designing, building and refining dome homes, we have cut energy costs by 50 to 75%.  In some instances, we have reduced the air conditioning costs to zero! Our dome homes provide energy efficiency levels that other houses won't have to meet until 2025.  Real Time Energy Costs

Healthy Dome Homes

Our geodesic dome home kits offer components from sustainable sources and products that minimize toxins, creating an interior living space that promotes the health of your family. We built our first really healthy dome home in 1983 based on personal experiences from living in a dome for 8 years. Healthy Domes

40 Years of Dome Building Experience

In the early 1980's our dome houses featured R-values of 60 to 70. In 1972, we were selling dome kits with systems that included solar heating, solar hot water, wind power and methane gas digesters. We learned how to create a dome home using 60% less building materials than a standard, wasteful box house.
Natural Spaces Dome Building System

Domes Shipped Worldwide

Our dome home kits can be adapted to the many different climate zones all over the world. Our extensive dome web site shows you the versatility of our dome homes with lots of photos from the thousand plus domes with which we have been involved. International Domes

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Natural Spaces Dome survives 7.5 magnitude
Chilean earthquake.
Click here
for story and photos

50 Ways to please your mother – Earth!
This list represents Earth friendly features we used
in the building of our geodesic dome complex.

    Natural Spaces Domes World headquarters in North Branch, Minnesota, has 9 domes. They
    include our new certified Energy Star 5 Plus Bear Creek Dome, Forest dome, Office dome,
    two shop domes, Bear Creek Cabin dome, and a few others. We invite you to visit our facility
    and see the features we list below. We practice what we preach.

  1. The exterior dome shell uses 60% less structural materials to build than a similar-sized
    conventional box house.
  2. In our new Bear Creek Dome, we utilized 18” thick walls and roof providing an R-value of 55.
    Our other non-dome walls are 12” inches thick with an R-40. Most Minnesota homes have R-
    20 walls and R-38 roofs.
  3. Formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation made from recycled glass along with insulation made
    from recycled blue jean material.
  4. Two blower door tests were done during the construction of Bear Creek Dome. We utilized
    smoke bottles and an infrared thermal scan gun, allowing us to “tighten” the house and
    eliminate air and thermal “leaks”.
  5. Extensive use of triple pane skylights (by Natural Spaces Domes), greatly reducing energy
    loads and drafts caused by cold inside glass. Solar tinting on upper south facing skylights
    reduces summer time heat gain and overheating.
  6. Use of triple pane glass instead of Low "E" coatings in selected areas, increasing the indoor
    plant growth, creating a healthier environment.
  7. Marvin triple-pane windows for all the new conventional (non-skylight) glass areas with Low E
    coatings and argon gas between panes.
  8. Windows positioned to take advantage of morning solar gain and eliminate hot southern and
    western sun.
  9. Use of Cupolas on the dome structures combined with operable windows at the floor levels,
    allowing for natural cooling and fresh air intake thru non-mechanical means. Ground cooling
    design features mean night time air is cooler in summertime. The circulation in a dome allows
    for easier natural air flow.
  10. Extensive daylighting from skylights & windows allow outdoor views from all work stations &
    offices, reduces need for internal lighting during daylight.
  11. Use of Velux Sun Tunnel for daylighting over work area.
  12. 85% of all lighting is compact fluorescent lighting. The remaining 15% is low wattage halogen.
  13. Frost Protected Shallow Footing system eliminates extensive excavation.
  14. The concrete slab radiant-heating system utilizes hot water flowing through PEX tubing. It is
    proving to be extremely energy efficient for a 3200 sq. ft. home located north of
    Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota..
  15. Two boilers for radiant heating to provide a backup system if the power goes out and to test
    the cost efficiency of gas versus electricity. Natural gas “Munchkin” boiler 92% efficient.
    Electric boiler is 100% efficient.
  16. Instantaneous, high efficiency, natural gas water heater provides unlimited hot water without
    storing 80 gals of hot water 24/7.
  17. All new appliances have high Energy Star ratings. The mini-split air conditioning system has a
    SEER rating of 19.
  18. Electric stove to prevent toxic gas emissions.
  19. Dual-flush toilets for water conservation. (1.1 gals or 1.6/flush.)
  20. Clivus Multrum composting toilet in operation in Forest Dome since 1975.
  21. Low-flow shower heads. (1.5 gpm)
  22. The “whole house” water filtration and softening system uses less water and no salts while
    processing all water usage.
  23. The air-to-air heat exchanger constantly brings in fresh air and exhausts stale moist air.
  24. Low noise, highly energy efficient bath fans.
  25. Concrete floors utilizing flyash additive which is ash from coal- burning plants.
  26. Concrete floors were stained, eliminating the need for carpets or other floor covering.
  27. The majority of the wood used is FSC certified.
  28. Extensive use of fallen and reclaimed wood such as the white oak window sills and bathroom
    counter tops, entry porch cedar posts, and rough- sawn pine door trim. The white pine wall
    paneling is fallen wood from our property. The white pine for the floors and stair treads was
    harvested due to road construction (“road-kill”) in the immediate area. The railings are nondebarked
    fallen cedar from northern Minnesota. Reclaimed redwood is from an 1890
    Grainbelt Beer brewing vat.
  29. Cabinetry is from IKEA, which are built with non-toxic materials and sustainably managed
    forest products.
  30. Zero hard-surface exterior paving areas allows water to flow into the ground for plants and
  31. Recycled crushed concrete driveway topping.
  32. Man made exterior concrete "stone" wall surfacing eliminating repainting and maintenance.
  33. Minimal usage of PVC piping, reducing toxic chemicals.
  34. Use of machine-hewn 2x6 "log" siding on exterior walls with non toxic stains. This will "age"
    naturally requiring minimal maintenance especially with wide roof overhangs. Eliminates
    the use of PVC "vinyl" siding.
  35. Recycled steel mantle has a special rusted surface that never needs finishing.
  36. Fireplace hearth rock is taconite stone from an abandoned northern Minnesota iron mine.
  37. Galvanized steel entry porch “cool roof.”
  38. Mold-free sheetrock with no paper facing.
  39. All bedrooms equipped with an electrical shut-off switch eliminating all electromagnetic fields
    in the bedroom and around the beds.
  40. Fireplace utilizes outside air for combustion with sealed glass doors. Fireplace designed with
    vents to heat other rooms in dome.
  41. Non-toxic no VOC paints, stains and wood sealers from AFM Safe Coat and Pittsburgh
  42. No sealer or coating on interior wood triangle dome panels.
  43. Ceramic Tile made from recycled product.
  44. Wildflower and native habitat protected and encouraged yard. No “artificial” lawns.
  45. Recycling and composting areas planned into cabinet layout.
  46. Handicap accessible throughout main floor, all doors 36” wide, front door is 42” wide, no steps
    which increases the long term use of the home.
  47. Extensive use of existing Evergreen trees for shading & cooling.
  48. Use of dead & downed trees from only a few acres of our 50 acres and scrap wood from our
    dome building shop is burned in a detached, high efficiency wood heating system, providing
    heat for 10,000 sq. ft. of enclosed space in 5 domes.
  49. Reuse of many architectural antique items in the design of the structures.
  50. Motion sensor lighting switches in office turn off lights when you leave the room and turn them
    on when you enter.
Natural Spaces Domes

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Tessa Hill and Dennis Odin Johnson
Bear Creek Dome - North Branch, Minnesota

  • Model: 1800 mid profile, 49' diam. dome home
  • Location: North Branch, Minnesota. Department of Energy Zone 7A (severe cold-moist) 9000 heating degree days.
  • House size: 3200 SF; slab on grade. Main floor 2100 sf, upper floor 1100 sf.
  • Specifications: 18" thick dome walls and dome roof, 16" fiberglass insulation (R-Value=57 in triangles, R-Value=62 in riser walls), vented dome shell; slab has 2" styrofoam under and 11" styrofoam on edge of slab. Blower door test was .06 ACH
  • Heating system: Radiant floor in 4" concrete slab using 1500 lf of PEX tubing circulating water. Heating unit is 14 KW Seisco Electric "instant on" boiler with a secondary natural gas "Munchkin" boiler that you can switch to manually. Electric rate is off-peak interruptable rate of 4.2¢ /KW. * Note: Rate increase to 4.8¢ /KW in Feb. 2008 (14% increase).
  • Built: 2007, moved into November
  • Heating costs: See below.(Billings run from the 7th of each month.)
  • Air conditioning costs: The Summers of 2008 and 2009 had zero A.C. costs. The outside temps were 90°-95° F many days, yet the highest inside temps were 72°-74° F.

Winter 2007-2008
Radiant floor heating

Bear Creek Dome
Price per kw
KW Used
July 07 $0 4.2 ¢ None
August 07 $0 4.2 ¢
September 07 $0 4.2 ¢ None
October 07 $71 4.2 ¢ 1680 kw
November 07 $153 4.2 ¢ 3640 kw
December 07 $156 4.2 ¢ 3720 kw
January 08 $165 4.2 ¢ 3940 kw
February 08 $143* 4.8 ¢ 2980 kw
March 08 $97 4.8 ¢ 2020 kw
April 08 $73 4.8 ¢ 1520 kw
May 08 $16 4.8 ¢ 340 kw
June 08 ---- 4.8 ¢ ----


16,660 KW

Winter 2008-2009
Radiant floor heating

Domestic hot water heating cost
January, 2009, was extremely cold, the 4th coldest January on record. All of the days were below 32° (0° C) with some periods of 4-5 days where it never was warmer than 0° (-18° C).
Instant natural gas heater
Price per kw
KW Used
  Base monthly fee Actual gas used
July 08 $0 4.8 ¢ None   $8 $4.01
August 08 $0 4.8 ¢
  $8 $4.73
September 08 $11 4.8 ¢ 220 kw   $8 $3.82
October 08 $55 4.8 ¢ 1140 kw   $8 $1.59
November 08 $152 4.8 ¢ 3160 kw   $8 $5.10
December 08 $216 4.8 ¢ 4500 kw   $8 $3.86
January 09 $244 4.8 ¢ 5080 kw   $8 $6.04
February 09 $150 4.8 ¢ 3120 kw   $8 $3.64
March 09 $140 4.8 ¢ 2160 kw   $8 $3.21
April 09 $30 4.8 ¢ 620 kw   $8 $4.21
May 09 $8 4.8 ¢ 180 kw   $8 $2.51
June 09   4.8 ¢   $8 $3.96


16,840 KW Total  


Winter 2009-2010
Radiant floor heating

  Domestic hot water heating cost
Instant natural gas heater
Price per kw
KW Used
  Base monthly fee Actual gas used
July 09 $0 4.8 ¢ None   $8 $2.26
August 09 $0 4.8 ¢
  $8 $1.71
September 09 $25 4.8 ¢ 520 kw   $8 $2.11
October 09 $97 4.8 ¢ 2020 kw   $8 $4.28
November 09 $115 4.8 ¢ 2400 kw   $8 $4.62
December 09 $223 4.8 ¢ 4640 kw . $8 $3.07
January 10 $188 4.8 ¢ 3920 kw   $8 $5.00
February 10 $153 4.8 ¢ 3200 kw   $8 $3.88
March 10 $   kw   $8 $5.96
April 10 $   kw    
May 10 $   kw    




Kim and Steve Long - Perry, Iowa

  • Model: 1500 low profile, 45' diam. dome home
  • Location: Perry, Iowa. Department of Energy Zone 5A (cold-moist) 6500 heating degree days.
  • House size: 3600 SF; 1700 SF basement, 1700 SF main floor, 200 SF loft.
  • Specifications: 2x8 dome walls and dome roof. 7" sprayed-in place foam (R-Value=27), unvented dome shell, no vapor barrier, permanent treated wood foundation walls with 2x8 studs, 7" sprayed-in-place icynene "soft" foam (R-Value=27). Basement walls have one side approximately 2/3 out of the ground. Blower foor test was .03 ACH
  • Heating system: Radiant floor in basement concrete slab using PEX tubes circulating water and PEX tubes under plywood of main floor with insulation under; heating unit is "Munchkin" natural gas boiler. There is a natural gasburning fireplace on the main floor, however; it is not used for the main heating. It is rated at 42,000 BTU output with 86% efficiency.
  • Built: 2006 (moved in March 2007)
  • Heating costs: See below. Please note that the domestic hot water system is also operating with natural gas. The average usage is based on 30 therms and is not in the heating total. *Also note that this dome is still not complete. The insulation under the main floor has not been finished, and we expect heating costs to decrease as the proper insulation is finalized. November and December bills are averaged. Billings run from the 10th of each month.
  • Also note that due to rising energy costs, the cost per therm nearly doubled this past heating season. The price per therm is noted in the chart below.
Price per
KW or Therms Used
Long Dome
July 2007 $0   None
August 2007 $0   None
September 2007 $0   None
October 2007 $35 $.60 33 therms *
November 2007 $111 $.73 100 therms *
December 2007 $142 $.74 128 therms *
January 2008 $169 $.77 150 therms *
February 2008 $120 $.86 134 therms *
March 2008 $72 $1.00 80 therms *
April 2008 ---- $1.02 ----
May 2008 ---- $1.12 ----
June 2008 ----   ----
To-date Total:

(see note above)

625 Therms




Joyce and Rich Peake - Arden Hills, Minnesota

  • Model: 1250 Low Profile 40' diam dome home
  • Location: Mounds View, Minnesota. Department of Energy Zone 6A (severe cold-moist) 8400 heating degree days.
  • House size: 3200 SF; walk out basement 1350 SF, main floor 1450 SF, loft 450 SF
  • Specifications: 15" thick dome walls & dome roof, 12" fiberglass insulation (R-Value = 44), vented dome shell, riser walls 45" high, 15" thick with 15" fiberglass (R-Value=51) Permanent treated wood foundation walls with 2x8 studs, 7 1/4" fiberglass insulation (R-Value = 27)
    (Lower floor has 2x8 walls 3' in ground with a walk out patio door on one side.)
  • Heating system: Forced air, natural gas, high efficiency furnace (no wood stove)
  • Built: 1984
  • Heating costs: (Billings run from the 12th of each month.)
Cost per therm
KW or Therms Used
Peake Dome
June 2007 $12.00 $1 4
July 2007 $12.00 $1 4
Aug 2007 $11.00 $1 3
Sept 2007 $12.00 $1 4
Oct 2007 $37.00 96¢ 30
Nov 2007 $96.00 $1.10 80
Dec 2007 $112.00 $1.10 92
Jan 2008 $116.00 $1.05 103
Feb 2008 $106.00 $1.15 92**
March 2008 $65.00 $1.12 51
April 2008 $28.00 $1.18 17
May 2008 $8 base charge 0
June 2008 $8 base charge 0


398 Therms
Winter 2008-2009
July, 2008 $8 base charge 0
Aug., 2008 $8 base charge 0
Sept., 2008 $8 base charge 0
Oct., 2008 $31 82¢ 28
Nov., 2008 $90 95¢ 86
Dec., 2008 $115 82¢ 130
Jan., 2009 $91 77¢ 108
Feb. 2009 $65 63¢ 90  
March 2009 $32 53¢ 45
April 2009 $12 50¢ 8
May 2009 $8 base charge 0
June 2009 $8 base charge 0


495 Therms
Winter 2009-2010
July 2009 $8 base charge 0
Aug. 2009 $8 base charge 0
Sept. 2009 $12 40¢ 10
Oct. 2009 $21 48¢ 27
Nov. 2009 $37 43¢ 67
Dec. 2009 $74 68¢ 109
Jan. 2010 $67 63¢ 93
** Indicates rate increase
Natural Spaces Domes

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North Carolina
Round houses. Explore our floor plan library and see how some of our homeowners have designed their Deltec round home. If you don’t see a plan that interests you contact us and we can email others to you for you to review.

Earth Sheltered House Plans

Earthlog Equity Group Custom designed earth sheltered home plans from Earthlog.

Earthbag House Plans

Earthbag House Plans Blog focused on small, affordable and sustainable earthbag house plans.

Books with Plans for Sustainable Homes

Energy Independent Housing Energy Independent Housing is more than a set of blue prints for a solar home. Detailed plans and illustrations are presented that will enable the reader to construct the illustrated energy independent dwelling, however this book is best used as a construction guide for all kinds of energy independent  housing. Also: Modular Home Kits
Affordable Passive Solar Homes Low-cost, compact designs (paperback) by Richard L Crowther.

Online Tools & Software

Sustainable by Design Free online tools to calculate solar window heat gain, sun path, sun position, sun angle, overhang design, 
Energy-10 Energy-10 is powerful design software that analyzes – and illustrates – the energy and cost savings that can be achieved through more than a dozen sustainable design strategies. (Sustainable Buildings Industry Council)

Green Home

Welcome to where you can find a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building. As an example of natural building, the image at the upper left was taken during the construction of the earthbag house that has served as the home for and Kelly and Rosana Hart, your hosts.

The reason for building greener homes is really quite important. We need to live more lightly on the earth, because the degradation of our environment is compromising not only our survival, but the survival of most other living beings on the planet. We can no longer ignore the impact we have on the earth's ecosystems. The way we live, the choices we make in providing for our needs, will have an enormous influence on the quality of life of those who will follow us. Now is the time to take responsibility for the consequences of our life styles!

How we build our homes, both in design and choice of materials, is one of the most significant ways that we can affect our future. Much of the concern boils down to the use of energy. How much energy is embodied in the building materials themselves, in their transportation and assembling? Then once the house is built, how much energy does it consume to keep its inhabitants comfortable? Consumption of energy has a direct influence on environmental quality, because of the inherent pollution through greenhouse gasses and other emissions. Then there is the loss of natural beauty, ecosystems and basic resources associated with the extraction of fossil fuels and building materials. The combined effect of this is staggering. Resources for studying how we interact with our environment and ways to improve this relationship can be found within the page about the Environment.

There are some very simple ways to design houses that require very little energy to keep them comfortable. The list of links on the left, under Sustainable Architecture, outline thirteen points to keep in mind when designing a sustainable house. Using natural, non-industrial materials, as outlined in the links to the right under Natural building will improve the energy equation when building. Examining the Vernacular Architecture of other cultures can provide many ideas for beauty, energy efficiency and appropriate use of materials. An extensive gallery of Posters and Art Prints depicting architecture from around the world can help evaluate various styles and decorate you own walls. " provides a way to communicate with, and learn from, a variety of experts in the many fields associated with the site. In the Ask the Experts section you are invited to ask questions and read the responses to others' questions. More in-depth consulting is also available. Education and Events will direct you to educational opportunities and listings of workshops and other news. There is a Bulletin Board where diverse notices have been posted about special opportunities. Sections about Building Codes, Financial Aspects and a Store where pertinent media can be purchased, round out this site. Most pages also have links to other informative websites that are pertinent.

In May of 2009, Kelly Hart was interviewed for nearly an hour by Veronica Entwistle for her "Paradigm Shifters" Radio Program. You can listen to selected portions of this interview, or the entire program, from this page.

There is much valuable information out there, but it is hard to find it all in one place. You now have available at your fingertips a wealth of information. Enjoy!



Domes For Sale

A list of existing, pre-owned domes brought to you by:
Natural Spaces Domes
North Branch, Minnesota     800-733-7107

Natural Spaces Domes is maintaining this list of domes for sale. Many of the domes are not a Natural Spaces Dome. We also want to point out that not all domes are built to the same standards. We know how our domes are built and the quality products that we use.  Most of the domes on the list have not been inspected by us.  Any home should be inspected before you purchase.

Domes do sell. They sell just like conventional box houses. We use a similar real estate saying - "Location, location - and then selling price for the neighborhood". All those Home and Garden TV shows on how to sell your home apply to the dome. Unfinished houses take longer to sell.

We will be happy to answer any question you have on domes. We've been designing and building domes since 1972. Click here to go to our very extensive web site on domes.

We also offer renovation services on old domes, including re-roofing, skylight replacement, dome additions and the like.

Click on a State (or Country) Below to See Dome Listings in that State

Last Updated:
May 4th, 2010

United States and Canada

Other Countries










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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Phoenix, AZ
Sq.Ft.: N.A.
Lot: N.A.

Natural Habitat, 26Ft Dia. dome kit. Would make a nice, small footprint dwelling.

More Dome Information



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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Emerald Hills / Woodside, CA
Price: $1,050,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,000
Lot: 1/3 Acre(s)

Located in the San Francisco peninsula foothills in the heart of Silicon Valley, this 20-year-old dome in a country/urban setting has three bedrooms, two baths, cathedral living room, front and back decks, and a two-car garage in a large basement including a wine storage room.

More Dome Information

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Lake Mathews (Perris), CA
Price: $499,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,500
Lot: 3.5 Acre(s)

This magical geodesic dome, commonly referred to by local residents as, "The Dome Home", is an icon of the area. This unique property has three levels overlooking shifting clouds and evening sunsets.
It's location in the Lake Mathews area on a quiet, very lightly traveled country road, makes for a serene setting away from the hustle and bustle.
The home's open floor plan makes entertaining a dream and the tile floors are perfect for pet owners. The kitchen has new granite counters, custom cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

A master bedroom downstairs, a master suite and office on the 2nd level and a third story open loft add to the homes regal dimension.

The geodesic design and "green qualities" equate to LOW heating and cooling bills. There's plenty of room for vegetable and flower gardens plus a four-stall barn and a good sized turnout, all on 3.5 acres.

More Dome Information

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External Link: Click here to visit web site

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Livermore, CA
Price: $999,000
Sq.Ft.: 3,427
Lot: 5.02 Acre(s)

Beautiful and spacious 4BR retreat located on 5 acres with room for horses. 1st floor master suite with vineyard and fruit tree views. Great home for entertaining. Large eat it kitchen with island and 2 pantries. Soaring ceilings with skylights, 3 patios, and sun porch. Only 5 minutes to the freeway or 7 minutes to grocery store and restaurants. Move-in ready, it’s a 10!

More Dome Information

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External Link: Click here for a Virtual Tour

External Link: Click herwe to visit the Realtors website

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Oakhurst, CA
Price: $150,000
Sq.Ft.: 1,400
Lot: 0.30 Acre(s)

Live in your own forest! This wonderful dome home is surrounded by lots of mature landscaping. Sit under the stars in the hot tub or view
through the windows from inside the home. The dome house has an open floor plan with a great room/dining kitchen combo, a loft, small
office, 1 bedroom and 1 unique bathroom with a deck on front and back. The owners have recently installed an engineered septic system,
EPA compliant wood stove, A/C heating unit with ducting, special cut windows to fit the dome. Approximately 1/4 mile away is year-round
Lewis Creek where you can enjoy the Yosemite Forks Estate’s ‘resident only’ park. Swim, fish, picnic or just listen to the stream cascading

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External Link: Click here to visit website

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $859,000
Sq.Ft.: 1,695
Lot: 5+ Acre(s)

Located near Santa Cruz, CA in the amazing hills of Soquel, this 1,695 sq. ft., 28 year old hilltop dome has Ocean views of the Monterey Bay and overlooks the scenic Soquel Valley and surrounding hills (Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Soquel Demonstration Forest).

More Dome Information

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MLS Data

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $595,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,400
Lot: 4 Acre(s)

This sunny, geodesic dome style home offers 360 degree views of surrounding mountains and the utmost privacy in the scenic and special Genesee Valley.

More Dome Information

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External Link:

MLS Data


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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $629,000
Sq.Ft.: 4,557

Wonderful and inviting custom home in a small enclave located within a 98 acre private preserve. Located 10 minutes from the charming town of Lyons, Colorado and 20 minutes from Boulder. The Little Thompson River runs through this scenic valley and eagles nest nearby. The home is oriented south towards open space for solar gain & privacy. Walls of windows offer fantastic views of rock cliffs, wildlife and the stars at night. This is a very spacious home with complete living on the main level including a large master bedroom. The walk-out lower level has several additional bedrooms and work spaces and a separate entrance. It is an ideal arrangement for a home business, rental situation or in-law suite.

More Dome Information

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MLS Data

Wonderful and inviting custom home in a small enclave located within a 98 acre private preserve. Located 10 minutes from the charming town of Lyons, Colorado and 20 minutes from Boulder. The Little Thompson River runs through this scenic valley and eagles nest nearby. The home is oriented south towards open space for solar gain & privacy. Walls of windows offer fantastic views of rock cliffs, wildlife and the stars at night. Great hiking & bird watching. This is a very spacious home with complete living on the main level including a large master bedroom. The walk-out lower level has several additional bedrooms and work spaces and a separate entrance. It is an ideal arrangement for a home business, rental situation or in-law suite. Current owners are health practitioners who enjoy the benefits of a quiet retreat, easy access to town and great spaces for living/work/play. This is a 1995 quality build of connected domes and extended spaces. Enjoy the views from your solarium/hot tub & large outdoor deck. All nine owners within this enclave share ownership of the additional 98 acres. Each home is custom built on about an acre. This is a great community for an artist, health practitioner, musician, writer or outdoor lover.

For more pictures and information contact Susan Soklin, Realtor/Attorney, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Boulder, Colorado.
Phone: 303-548-0483



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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $399,900
Sq.Ft.: 4,300

This multi level, 17 room Monolithic concrete dome home has it all! Custom built 4-7 br/4.5 bth pool home on 1.25 acres, corner lot. Approximately 4300+ sq. ft. living area, volume ceiling, lush landscaping! Additional 1.25 acre lot available which includes 1/1 apartment, 3 horse stall barn and workshop.

More Dome Information

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MLS Data

Stunning - One Of A Kind - Energy Efficient This Multi Level, 17 room home has it all! Custom built 4-7 br/ 4.5 bth pool home on 1.25 acres, corner lot, Approximately 4300+ sf Living area, volume ceiling, Lush Landscaping! * Additional 1.25 acre lot available which includes 1/1 apartment, 3 horse stall barn, and workshop


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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Lakemont, GA
Price: $245,500
Sq.Ft.: 4,500
Lot: 4 Acre(s)

This dome is located on just under 4acres of land in a private community in the North Georgia Mountains. The main level has kichen, dining, master, living area and extra bonus room that could be another bedroom or office. Then there are beautiful wood stairs leading to the upper level with 3bedrooms and two full baths. It keeps going with a walk out basement level. The Basement is the full size of the home with an office, tons of storage and another extra room. The dome is in great shape and has a front patio and a deck off the living area. Call or e-mail for pictures and questions!
This home is approx. over 45oo sq. feet of living space and has a great open feel. All of this home and the land for $245,500.
Call or e-mail for pictures and questions!

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External Link: Click here to visit website


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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Elizabeth, IL
Price: $274,900
Sq.Ft.: 3,040
Lot: 7.25 Acre(s)

Only 3 miles from Galena Territory main entrance on Rt20.Fantastic Dome Home built in 2001 on 7.25 wooded acres.Full bath on each level.Garage under home that can fit 2 cars plus the hobby car and still have tons of workshop space.Spiral staircase from 2nd floor to cupola to have a 360 degree view of the rolling countryside.Commercial SS apls all stay.4 skylights,wet bar and more. Unusual home for the perfect buyer!

More Dome Information

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MLS Data

Property Features
* Single Family Property
* Status: Active
* Area: West
* County: Jo Davies
* Year Built: 2001
* 3 total bedroom(s)
* 3 total bath(s)
* 3 total full bath(s)
* 14 total rooms
* Approximately 3040 sq. ft.
* Type: 3 Stories
* Style: Contemporary
* Living room

* Dining room
* Kitchen
* Basement
* Laundry room
* Master bedroom is 18X14, on the 2nd Level, Carpet Flooring, Master Bedroom Bath
* Living room is 36X18, on the Main Level
* Dining room is 14X12, on the Main Level
* Family room is 22X29
* Kitchen is 08X13, on the Main Level, Galley Type
* Basement is Full, Partially Finished, Walkout
* Fireplace(s)
* Fireplace features: Location-Living Room, Wood Burning

* 3 car garage
* Attached parking
* Parking features: On-Site, Underground/Covered, Garage Door Opener/s (Auto), Transmitter/s
* Heating features: Hot Water/Steam, Individual Controls, Propane, Radiant
* Central air conditioning
* Inclusions: TV-Dish, Water-Softener Owned, Dishwasher, Dryer, Microwave, Oven/Range, Refrigerator, Washer
* Exterior construction: Concrete Foundation, Frame
* Energy Info: ELECTRICITY: 200+ Amp Service, Circuit Breakers
* Roofing: Asphalt/Glass (Shingles)
* Approximate lot is 853X66X346
* Lot features: Wooded Lot
* Utilities present: Water from Well- Private, Septic-Private

Interior Features
Basement has Bathroom(s), Bar-Wet, Skylight/s, Vaulted/Cathedral Ceiling, Full Master Bathroom, Separate Shower, 2nd Bedroom is 15X11, 2nd Bedroom is on the Main Level, 2nd Bedroom has Carpet Flooring, 3rd Bedroom is 12X20, 3rd Bedroom is on the Main Level, 3rd Bedroom has Carpet Flooring, Foyer, Library, Storage


Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: St. Charles, IL
Price: $549,900
Sq.Ft.: N.A.

Newly remodeled Dome/Eco house with new tumbled marble baths, stainless steel appliances, cedar shake roof, and wood flooring. Many windows and the partial wrap around deck bring, in the views of the beautiful outdoor scenery on the 2.3 acres. Soaring oaks and trails surround the home. Truly a unique home that includes a 60" TV with surround sound, built-in wine rack and lots more.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Rising Sun, IN
Price: N.A.
Sq.Ft.: 15,000
Lot: 185 Acre(s)

"A True Marvel! This is a custom-built, triple geodesic dome home on a stunning 185 acres in southeastern Indiana! There are so many unique characteristics of this one-of-a-kind property! The domed ceilings have 216 planked-wood triangles! Other features include 15,000+ finished square feet including 6+bedrooms, 5 full baths, 4 half baths, 4+ car garage, soaring 40 foot ceilings, with 4 levels above ground, widow's watch, custom woodwork throughout, unbelievable state-of-the-art soundproof media and control rooms for professional music production, 3 ponds, and 1 mile of road frontage! This is a fabulous property for horses, hunting, recreation, and more! For more information, call Holly Allen of Fehrman Realty at 812-584-2569."

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External Link: Click here for a Virtual Tour


Additional Dome Images


Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Collins, IA
Sq.Ft.: 3,072
Lot: .69 Acre(s)

Attention investors!!! or anyone looking for a great deal. Priced $64,170 BELOW assessed value --- WOW. It would make a terrific investment property to flip or as a long term rental. A must see only 15 minutes from Prairie Meadows! One of a kind dome style home in a secluded areas full of trees on almost 1 acre of land. 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. 2 Level HUGE Workshop 20x40 on each level. This one won't last!!!

More Dome Information

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Wamego, KS
Price: $164,500
Sq.Ft.: 2,200

Two story single family home. Four bedrooms, two baths. Wood Floors, Workshop, Computer Network Wiring, Pantry, Eating Bar. On a wooded lot with an out building.

More Dome Information

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MLS Data


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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Clinton, MD
Price: $497,000
Lot: 2.2199 Acre(s)

Spectacular custom-built multiple dome home on 2+ acres in serene setting offers approx. 5600 sqft living space! Lg main lvl MBR suite w/MBA & walk-in closets! Kitchen boasts granite counters, SS appls., breakfast bar! Double-sided FP in LR w/french doors leading to wrap-around deck! Other features include wet-bar, exercise rm, entertainment rm, landscaping w/solar lighting! $15K CLOSING HELP!

More Dome Information


External Link: click here for realtor info


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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $395,000
Sq.Ft.: 4,000

This dome was quality built by Natural Spaces Domes. It has 3 floors with a walkout lower level half in the ground. The entry connect the 2 stall garage to the dome. The main floor has a large living room, kitchen (with laundry) and 1/2 bath. A very large enclosed 2 story extension currently houses a loom on the main floor and a large office/exercise room on the lower floor. There is a very enjoyable in ground pool with patio and deck on the south side. A separate garage/storage building is also on this 10 acre site. This is a very nice, livable dome home. There are many quality amenities. Don't miss this dome - you may find yourself wanting to make an offer and move in.

More Dome Information

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $419,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,693
Lot: 6.33 Acre(s)

18125 Kelly Lake Road Carver, MN
Stunning geodesic dome home with cupola on 6.33 acres. Spectacular views of the countryside. This home is in like new condition, updated and meticulously well maintained. The 40' diam high profile Natural Spaces dome has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath with a large living room, dining room and kitchen. It is located in Belle Plaine school district.

More Dome Information

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Centerville, MN
Price: $285,900
Sq.Ft.: 3,505
Lot: .82 Acre(s)

Unique dome home. Nearly an acre lot that backs up to woods and Clearwater Creek. Energy efficient with 14" walls. All tongue and grooved cedar. Loft master bedroom overlooks living room. 3 car garage includes workshop. Roof and siding are 1 year old.

More Dome Information

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MLS Data

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $45,900
Sq.Ft.: N.A.
Lot: N.A.

Waiting for a Natural Spaces Dome
The lot is about 90'x300' with the back being untouched and with formerly a huge organic garden and fruit trees in the front. There is sewer and water hookup available at the road in front of the property. It's being listed at $45,900.
The address is 3736 Johnson Road, Duluth, Minnesota 55811.
We would be happy to hear that someone might keep it "green" and put a dome home here!

More Dome Information


Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $349,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,700
Lot: 2.67 Acre(s)

2700sf on 3 floors, 36' diameter Natural Spaces dome home with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. 2.67 acre lot. Washington County - Stillwater school district. Hot tub, deck attached garaged with another detached garage, asphalt driveway. Very open plan.

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Lindstrom, MN
Price: $199,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,450
Lot: 5.8 Acre(s)

Natural Spaces dome—our dream home, the one we wanted to build and spend the rest of our lives in. Job loss and change in our financial circumstances mean that we need to pass the dream along to you. Contact: Shelley Meier,, 651 253 7212

More Dome Information

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $245,000
Sq.Ft.: 1,754
Lot: 1 Acre(s)

Very unique home! Geodesic dome home. Must see! 1.04 acres of peaceful privacy. Gorgeous wooded lot, just minutes from town! Great location! 3 BR, 3 BA, 2 story vaults. Huge wrap around deck, new custom windows 2006, very cool home!

More Dome Information

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MLS Data

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $386,000
Sq.Ft.: 3,900
Lot: 1 Acre(s)

Dome with 3,900 sq. feet. One acre wooded lot with detached triple garage. The exterior is wood with Asph/shingle roof. It has a full basement with LP forced air heating. Central air, and a wood burning fireplace. The dome features two and 3/4 bathrooms, with 5 bedrooms. There is a family room, a lower level work shop and a 3rd level loft.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $89,900
Sq.Ft.: 1,150
Lot: 33.78 Acre(s)

This is a 40 ft. diameter, 3 season, Monolithic dome cabin.
6805 Tamarack Rd. Virginia, Minnesota 55792
This is a 40ft diameter Monolithic dome "cabin" with approximately 1150 sq. feet on 33.78 beautiful acres 6 miles north of Virginia, Minnesota. 20 minutes to great fishing in any direction. The interior has two bedrooms, kitchen/dining/living area, bath, mechanical room and library/den. The land is 50% in timber with a small pond 600' beyond the dome, and an old gravel pit with usable sand and rock. The ground is fertile from a history of being an old farmstead. Blueberries, raspberries, deer and other critters seasonally decorate the place.

More Dome Information

External Link: Click here for picture


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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $459,900
Sq.Ft.: 4,500
Lot: 9.58 Acre(s)

This spectacular one of a kind home offers 11 levels of open spacious living, encapsulated in a geodesic dome. It is nestled in the privacy of the surrounding woods, overlooking a gorgeous view of the Lake of the Ozarks. The home is decorated exquisitely with many, many upgrades. If the 4500 square feet of living space isn't enough - the detached garage/workshop can easily be converted into a guest house. For more information, please contact Bob Lindner at

More Dome Information

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External Link: Realtor Website

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Sunrise Beach, MO
Price: $299,900
Sq.Ft.: 4,500

Welcome to one of the most unique homes at the Lake! This geodesic dome is a 6 frequency, 50' diameter structure built on a hillside overlooking Lake of the Ozarks. Featuring 16 skylights, the interior is an open, spacious design with views from all of the skylights. Enjoy having ALL of your friends & family over with room to spare in the great room & dining room. Privacy abounds with 12 acres in this beautiful wooded setting with an even better Lake view. A 2-car garage & workshop round out the package or if more room is needed, convert the shop into a guest house. Thinking Green? Find out what makes this home so energy efficient & structurally strong. Come and see all the special features that make this a truly one of a kind home!

More Dome Information

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External Link: Click here for a Virtual Tour

MLS# 3059058
Price: $299,900
Approx. Sq. Ft: 4500
Built: 1981
Location: 620 Point Look Out Rd. Sunrise Beach, MO. Lake of the Ozarks
Lake View with 12 Acres

Dee Dee Jacobs
Jacobs Real Estate Partners
RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks
Office: 57-302-2345 Cell: 573-216-0809 <>


New Mexico

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $289,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,200
Lot: 5 Acre(s)

Chapparal's Roost is a 2200 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath dome home on five wooded acres in Northern New Mexico. Located 2 miles from the interstate, this dome sits a quick 15 minute drive from Las Vegas, NM and about 50 minutes from Santa Fe. Secluded and quiet, yet convenient to nearby shopping and recreation in historic Las Vegas.

Downstairs features large living area, separate kitchen and dining room, master bedroom and full bath. Lots of windows let you bask in the splendor of the pinion forest. Living room is open to dome's full height. Upstairs is another bedroom and bath, with an open loft area that makes a perfect office or study. Property also has an out-building for storage and finished slab ready for a 2 car garage.
Heat is propane baseboard assisted by a new pellet stove. House is ducted for a/c or swamp cooler, so cooling would be easy to add. Stone garden walls and gorgeous natural landscaping.

External Link: Click here to view Slideshow

MLS Data

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Taos, NM
Price: $449,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,000
Lot: N.A.


More Dome Information

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External Link: Realtor Web Site

New York

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Scarsdale, NY
Price: $690,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,304
Lot: 1.95 Acre(s)

Wonderful and inviting custom home in a small enclave located near Cat Rocks Park Preserve. Located 10 minutes from the charming town of Armonk, NY and 1 hour north of New York City. 8-10 minutes from both the Merritt Parkway and I-684. The home is oriented towards open space for solar gain and privacy. Walls of windows offer fantastic views of rock cliffs, wildlife and the stars at night. Great hiking and bird-watching. This is a very spacious home with the great room on the main level. The walk-out lower level has 3 bedrooms and work spaces and a separate entrance. It is an ideal arrangement for a home business or in-law suite. Current owners enjoy the benefits of a quiet retreat, easy access to town and great spaces for living/work/play. This is a 1978 quality built geodesic dome home with extended spaces. Enjoy the views from the large outdoor deck. The home is custom built on 1.95 acres.

More Dome Information

External Link: Realtor Link

North Carolina

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Hampstead, NC
Sq.Ft.: 685
Lot: N.A.

Geodesic dome near ocean. 2 story dome. 625 sq. ft. on the main floor with living room, dining room, kitchen, bath, laundry, large deck, upper floor loft bedroom and 1/2 bath. Completed in 2003. The dome is built on 9' piers to deal with tidal surges and category 4 hurricane winds, being two rows back from intercoastal waterway and only minutes from the ocean. The home sits on 2 lots, has deeded access to intercoastal waterway, and has views of intercoastal waterway. Priced to sale "AS IS". Cosmetic work needed. Seller is very motivated!

More Dome Information

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: N.A.
Sq.Ft.: 5,000

Medina, OH. 49' diam dome & 29' diam dome garage with loft. 5000 sq. ft. total on 7 acres of wooded land. Built in 1993 by Natural Spaces Domes.

More Dome Information

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Valley City, OH
Price: $149,900
Sq.Ft.: 2,248
Lot: 0.580 Acre(s)

Come visit this one of a kind home! This Geodesic Dome dome has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and is energy friendly. This dome has an open floor plan. It comes with an updated kitchen with granite counter tops, maple cabinets, appliances, and wood laminate floors! There is new carpet throughout the home! Climb up the spiral staircase to your secluded master bedroom. There is a 600 sqft bonus room attached to the garage that could be made into a game room, work shop, or additional living space! Don't miss out on the chance to see this unique home!

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External Link: Click here to visit website

MLS Data

Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $359,999
Sq.Ft.: 3,300
Lot: 5 Acre(s)

Nestled on 5 acres with woods. What a great house for entertaining. Unique and beautiful dome house has 3300 sq ft + of stunning living area. Any chef would love this open kitchen w/huge island. Main floor also boasts a custom wood panel office, living room, circular formal dining room, family room with fireplace, large sunroom overlooking a huge two level deck and pond.

Romantic master suite has double sided fireplace w/master bath featuring a garden tub + separate shower. Never leave the house for entertainment. Basement has state of the art theatre room, exercise room and disco room complete with your own disco ball.

More Dome Information

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Bonanza, OR
Price: $255,000
Sq.Ft.: 1,100
Lot: 10 Acre(s)

Bonanza, Oregon [25 mi. East of Klamath Falls]

* 10 acres of Ponderosa pine and sage including 2 5-acre tax lots and 2 separate lanes for access
* 1100 round feet, 2 floors, spiral staircase
* 2 full bedrooms and baths, large master overlooking great room
* Well with pump house, good irrigation for 1/2-acre garden
* 3-room outbuilding with attached large dog kennel
* Huge windows for passive solar + 3 skylights
* In-ground irrigation system for large garden
* Big wood stove: heat the whole house all winter with 4-5 cords of wood
* Open kitchen with garden window
* Deck around half of dome
* Built in 1970, plans available [Cathedralite Domes, 35' diameter]
* Timbered, 5 acres of Ponderosa pine
* Great neighborhood! But dome is completely private, not seen from road or neighbors

Cathleen Casey
10350 Yonna Drive
Bonanza, OR 97623

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Bucks County, PA
Price: $395,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,425
Lot: 1.58 Acre(s)

Beautiful Dome Home in desired Bucks County, PA (North of Philadelphia).

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2,425 Sq. Ft., 1.58 Acres, Age: 34 year(s) old, Two story, Central air conditioning, Fireplace(s), Dining room, Laundry room, Hardwood floors.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Denver, PA
Price: $400,000
Sq.Ft.: 3,800
Lot: 1.25 Acre(s)

Private lake front property with wooded 1.25 ac lot! Gorgeous views from soaring Great Room! Enjoy craftsmanship of this geodesic dome home! Beautiful cherry kitchen, formal DR, 1st floor MBR with Whirlpool bath & steam shower! Loft with LR, 2 BR’s & Bath, finished LL FR with FP, prewired theatre room or 4th BR + more! Dry basement and house is prewired for smart house!

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Ottsville, PA
Lot: 1.63 Acre(s)

Unique masterpiece! This marvelous contemporary dome home has been completely renovated inside and out. Nestled on 1.6 acres in a tranquil setting in the Bucks County countryside minutes from Lake Nockamixon.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Quakertown, PA
Price: $775,000
Sq.Ft.: N.A.
Lot: 11+ Acre(s)

Tucked away in beautiful Haycock Township close to Nockamixon State Park, you will find this unique, custom designed and built,contemporary style geodesic dome on eleven plus wooded acres. The home is bright and airy and boasts a gorgeous airy living room, kitchen with breakfast nook, 4 bedrooms (with the main bedroom suite on the main level and three more upstairs),3 full baths and a huge deck overlooking nature. Home also features a finished basement with it's own entrance which now has a library, office and work out room, but could be used for whatever you need. Want privacy? This home is situated on a very private wooded site accessed from a long private road, Many quality features are designed into the construction, heating, ventilating, and septic systems. The home was designed to be green before being green was popular. The home has been cared for and is ready for you to move in.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: West Grove, PA
Price: $414,900
Sq.Ft.: 5,200

409 Rosehill Rd
West Grove, PA 19390

Type: Single Family Residential for Sale
Floors:Two or More Stories
Parking/Garage: 2
Baths: 3
Square Feet: 5200
Lot Size: 3.3 Acres
Year Built: 1985

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Seymour, TN
Price: $350,000
Sq.Ft.: 1,800
Lot: 18.6 Acre(s)

This is a classic dome home that is on sale by owner. It is 40' diameter and laced with 13 skylights plus huge windows and doors opening to several decks in the woods. The dome shape is left completely intact on the inside with a separate small building within the dome that houses the kitchen, closets, a bath and stairs with a loft over. This dome home and an adjacent guest house/art studio/office is situated on 18.6 acres of heavily wooded very private acres near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge (and Dollywood amusement park). It is also an easy commute to Knoxville. Close to good schools and very low taxes ($503 in 2005).



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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Gladewater, TX
Price: $149,900
Sq.Ft.: 2,974
Lot: 2.7 Acre(s)

Two 2-story domes, plus 957 sq. ft. garage.

Three Bedrooms, three full baths, two car garage, formal dining.

7 Triple -layer skylights

750 sq. ft. wood deck; 24' diameter above-ground pool

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Corpus Christi, TX
Price: $364,900
Sq.Ft.: 2,655
Lot: N.A.

Priceless waterfront view of wetlands + Pool and Hot Tub. Upgrades: Gourmet Kitchen w/wet bar and wine chiller (2007); thermo pane windows and new AC (2007) & new roof (2007). Massive Great Room w/free standing fireplace; Huge downstairs Master; Poolside Bar; Large Patio w/covered Gazebo on water; dock w/upgraded boat lift; 2+ car garage w/bonus room upstairs. Excellent boating & fishing; Intercoastal Waterway and Gulf access close. Secluded location & Earth friendly Geodome design maximizes energy savings while ensuring home is built to last.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: East Texas, TX
Sq.Ft.: 4,778
Lot: 40 Acre(s)

Beautiful under ground dome in East TX. the entire dome is hand painted to match a certain theme making you feel as if you are out side. Lots of land for animals and wildlife surrounds you from every side.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Fort Worth, TX
Sq.Ft.: 3,019

One owner custom built (1985, double Geodesic Dome House is set on 2.37 Wooded and landscaped acres. Special features include swimming pool, gazebo with enclosed hot tub and large trex deck. Entire house has recent paint. Includes washer, dryer, refrigerator, deep freeze, trash compactor and under the counter ice maker. Wood spiral staircase leads to master suite. 24 Ft. ceilings. Full stone wall fireplace. ~other room~ can be 3rd bedroom.

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External Link: Dome Web Site

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Keller, TX
Price: $249,900
Sq.Ft.: 3,464
Lot: .83 Acre(s)

This magnificent geodesic home is nestled in a peaceful setting of nearly an acre, sheltered with mature trees in the award winning Keller ISD. This Buckminster Fuller-inspired dome structure was constructed with four foot riser walls and boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two laundry rooms and a three car garage. It is pleasant and inviting with a warm open concept floor plan, faux painted walls, an abundance of natural light and fabulous interior acoustics – truly designed with the entertainer in mind. Custom barn door hangers add a modern sleekness to this home as well as functional privacy. You will be awe struck with the grand details that surround you in this home. Enjoy your morning coffee on the wood deck overlooking the private backyard. The amazing design of the home yields a very energy efficient environment keeping your utility bills low. Come and see this astonishing home, you will be glad you did! For more information, send a text from your cell phone text 79564 message 8113.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Leander, TX
Price: $382,499
Sq.Ft.: 3,000
Lot: 2.34 Acre(s)

Custom geodesic dome home
12151 Trails End Road
Leander, Texas 78641
(512) 267-2900
30 Miles from Austin, Texas (Country Living).
Priced Below Appraised Value. Energy Efficient-Natures Own Environmental "Green" Technology. 2.34 Acre With Lake and Hill Country 360 Degree Panoramic View.3000 Sq. Ft. 2 Story Living (Master Bedfroom on 1st floor). 4 Large Bedrooms/ 4 Full Baths. Owners Home Warranty:@ closing $500.00 for unexpected repair or replacement. Many New Upgraded Features. Horses Welcome. A MUST SEE TO APPRICIATE!!

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $899,000
Sq.Ft.: 4,000
Lot: 1 Acre(s)

Situated on almost an acre of land this beautiful dome offers approx. 4000sq ft of living space. Located in Northern Virginia just minutes away from D.C. this 4 bdr, 2.5 bth home offers a peaceful setting in an otherwise busy area. The dome has an open and inviting floor plan perfect for entertaining 50ft in daimeter and 5/8 sized sphere. The kitchen has silistone counter and flows freely into the dining room. A second story loft over looks the palatial living room. There are 2 generously sized bedrooms on the main level including the master suite which leads to a private deck with an enclosed hot tub. There's more, the dome shaped garage houses 3 cars 35ft in diameter and 3/8 sphere. The garage has a roughed in 2nd level workshop which could be converted into a 5th bedroom.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Fancy Gap, VA
Price: $126,000
Sq.Ft.: 1,300
Lot: 5.2 Acre(s)

GEODESIC DOME on 5.2 wooded acres in Fancy Gap, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

• approx 1300 sq.ft. with loft
• 2-3 bedrooms,
• 1 full bathroom with large jacuzzi tub
• sun room overlooking creek and woods
• beautiful interior with architectural details
• tile floors throughout
• fireplace with built-in wood box
• alarm system
• central heat and a/c

• Private setting in the woods with a long driveway
• 2 creeks on property with small pond
• large garage with workshop space
• greenhouse
• woodshed
• metal storage shed
• large garden area

Contact Paul at 276-728-9905

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $694,000
Lot: 3+ Acre(s)

Unique, one of a kind, contemporary home w/custom features & quality thru-out. Ideally nestled in a private 3+ acre wooded lot w/300' of hard surface rd. frontage in . You Must See The Inside To Fully Appreciate The Carefully Designed Energy Efficient Floorplan That Offers Lots Of Finished Space.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $450,000
Lot: .7 Acre(s)

Dome (1200 sq ft, built 1997) and a guest house (500 sq ft, built 1995). Situated adjacent a mystical pristine mountain lake, there are abundant wildlife and outdoor recreation opportunities here. The geodesic dome has vaulted ceilings, loft, spiral staircase, and an enormous skylight window for views of the lake. The studio building also has raised, beamed ceiling with 7 full-length windows for continuous views of the lake. Other buildings exist for possible cabin or storage areas.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $574,999
Sq.Ft.: N.A.
Lot: 10+ Acre(s)

An environmentally respectful country mini-farm with a unique residence privately sited among soaring evergreens on 10 plus acres enjoying stunning Mountain views.
Incredible, fully-loaded log-rail entertainment deck, complete with hot tub and a sauna house with an outdoor shower.
Light-filled open spaces throughout this tastefully updated home. Warm natural cork flooring, pine rails & stairs. Kitchen has newer Shaker-style cabinetry, countertops and appliances. Master Bath with luxurious soaking tub. Cozy woodstove in the Living/Great Room.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Maple Valley, WA
Price: $499,500
Sq.Ft.: 2,190
Lot: .39 Acre(s)

Geodesic dome home with view of Lake Wilderness. This home has an open feeling not available in traditional homes. 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths with 1440 unfinished daylight basement with separate entrance. New irrigation system (wired for nightscape). Perennial, natural garden & NW Asian landscape. Brand new security system.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $380,000
Sq.Ft.: 2,960
Lot: 1.09 Acre(s)

Living in this unique Geodesic home with non-rectangular spaces is mind opening. Enjoy flag stone entry leading to the living room with soaring ceiling and crowned with a 6 window skylight. Open kitchen with tile floors, newer cooktop on island, walk-in pantry and planning desk. Cozy family room with pellet stove. Master with deck and private bath. Private serene setting is a gardeners dream with several raised beds and a variety of mature fruit trees on 1.09 acres. Large Level grass area and detached 2 car garage plus 2 car carport/storage area.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Price: $499,000
Lot: 40 Acre(s)

Located across the river from Red Wing, MN and east approx 15 mile near Maiden Rock, WI. This gorgeous Natural Spaces Dome is situated on top of a high hill overlooking the rolling, wooded Wisconsin countryside with a view of Lake Pepin in the distance. Four of the 40 acres are in an apple orchard along with a huge garden area. This is a Model 1250 high profile 40' diam dome with lots of extras. The dome has a total gross area of 3800 sq. ft. on 3 levels. The main floor has a large living/dining room featuring a panorama of 7 gigantic triangular skylights with a never-ending view, a well-endowed kitchen, bedroom and bath.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Racine, WI
Price: $189,000
Sq.Ft.: 1,500
Lot: N.A.

Nestled in a park like lot that is just under an acre, this Geodesic Dome house is located one block from Lake Michigan. It is approximately a little over an hour drive from Chicago and minutes from a Racine beach and Milwaukee. The house has been extensively renovated within the past 5 years, including new hardwood and ceramic tile flooring, light fixtures, mirrored closet doors, central air, furnace, water heater and new blown in insulation. All natural exterior materials including newer dimensional roofing, cedar board siding and window wrap. Approximately 1,500 square feet of an open concept living space, including cathedral ceilings in the living room and skylight windows on the loft. Kitchen has breakfast bar and island. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, huge living room, 1.5 car garage, also includes car port and an additional parking space. Appliances included. For boating enthusiasts, it is a short drive to the Racine Marina. A nature lover’s paradise and a haven for a variety of birds. Private lot, blocked from street view by numerous mature trees. You can hear the waves crashing in the distance while spending time on your deck. Very healthy living and environment. 262-639-2788 for more information.

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Australia, AU
Lot: N.A.

Three 45 ft. diam. new and unassembled dome kits for sale.

Domes are $25,000 EACH

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Dome For Sale - Click on boxes for more information
Place: Compton, AU
Price: $385,000
Sq.Ft.: N.A.
Lot: 2.5 Acre(s)


* Cafpirco Road on 2.5 Acres Approximately
* 3 bedrooms, master with ensuite, corner bath and WIR
* 2 living areas, one brand new
* 2 split air conditioners plus slow combustion heater
* Two storey and very very different
* Large 2nd storey sundeck overlooking beautiful gardens
* Plenty of room for a pony or other animals
* Town water + good bore
* Double garage with loads of space for cars, caravans or boats
* There is no other home like this one you must see it!
* Price includes free inside paint job

* Double garage

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