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Lung Cancer Treatment

British researchers recently reported a new cancer treatment that’s a breakthrough. It has the chance to save lives numbering tens of thousands and experts say it should be available on the UK’s NHS. After the study’s participants received the treatment, 1 in 6 of them was alive 5 years after they received the immunotherapy based on the tests.

The study included 129 patients who had been treated in the past for advanced lunch cancer of the non-small cell variety. In the study, 16% of the patients survived following the new treatment. This might seem like a low figure but it’s important to keep in mind that usually, the survival rate of patients with advanced lung cancer is only 1%.

The study also showed that the treatment can also affect patients who are suffering from skin cancer. Lung cancer is famous for being a very aggressive disease. Each year 30,000 patients die from the disease and it’s been very tough to boost long-term survival rates.

However, the new treatment shows the first hope that it’s possible to greatly boost the survival rates of people with advanced lung cancer. Various drugs like nivolumab have been some of the largest breakthroughs for this variety of lung cancer. Now experts have hope that there could be a shift that boosts the survival rate of patients.

During the trial for the drug 1`2/16 patients who survive up to 5 years didn’t receive any treatments after they ended their nivolumab treatments. There were also no signs that the disease progressed in the patients. Right now the Cre Excellence and National Institute of Health don’t recognize nivolumab for treating cancer in the countries of England and Wales. However, patients living in Scotland can get the drug through NHS. Several other European countries like Greece can also get the drug.

Trump’s Health

Donald Trump is now 71 years old and has a very stressful job while being clinically overweight. There are other issues including Trump’s diet being unhealthy, he doesn’t exercise, and he doesn’t sleep enough. In fact, his policies show the US President’s belief about diet and exercise. For example, he’s made the nutritional standards for US school lunches less strict and hasn’t named anyone to the fitness council of the president.

Experts also note that Trump is showing signs of sleep deprivation. That includes lower cognition as well as anxiety. A June report also shows that exercise is the best type of medicine for a full night’s sleep. Experts point out that stress is probably the biggest factor in terms of aging presidents. Experts point out that Trump will have to deal with a lot of stress when handling the Russian probe.

An interesting study in 2015 showed that presidents around the world lived an average of 27 years shorter than the person they defeated. Experts share that the key to offsetting early death for leaders is eating healthy meals, exercising more, and getting a full night’s sleep.

People who know Trump say that he’s not very strict about diet and fitness. However, they point out that he’s always moving.