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Earth Mountain View Educational Research Center
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We have a dream at greatdreams.com and earthmountainview.com - that as the quickening increases, the time will come to expand the scope of the websites and projects. 

A time is coming soon where the individual work can take a Quantum leap. We envision this to take the form of a community, both on the internet and as a physical place. Dee Finney has been working towards this quest on a daily basis for many years - since 1997. 

We believe we have found spiritual truth through the teachings of light beings named Rovere and Alex, as well as other beings who have crossed over to the other side, who are eager to share what they know with you and with us.

Besides the teachings of the light beings and other spirit beings, the work involves research and gathering related symbolic areas of information such as crop circles, UFO/ET events, symbolic events, ancient numbers, sacred geometry, inspired symbolic materials, visions,  coincidences, synchronicities, and most importantly - dreams.

In addition to this, we are creating a full scope health center with all manner of alternative healing modalities as well as exercise rooms and classes, saunas and pools to exercise and swim in to your hearts delight, year round.

We will proved a private school for young children starting as soon as children are out of diapers, and teach them to use all of their mind's abilities, not just what is shown on TV and help children to raise their consciousness and thinking abilities above the normal school curriculum.

So too, we will be putting on seminars and programs of all types to raise the consciousness of the adults as well all year round, and a  full scope spiritual program.

The main requirement now for the community is a good sized piece of property with spacious buildings, including a large library area, and to provide funds for the ever-expanding websites. 

It is intended that other people, members and non-members participate both in the research, and as physical live-in members of the group on the property, which eventually will be an organic farm, and a beautiful retreat center. There also, seminars and workshops will be given; audio tapes, CD's, DVD's, and books will be made and provided to others as resources for study. 

The idea is to put the puzzle pieces together into larger pictures. One of the big messages is that humanity has been on a time cycle path that corresponds to the chakra levels. We are near the three and a half midpoint and a leap to the fourth (heart) chakra level.

As an adjunct to the research project, it is intended that members of the community can work on Pilgrim-age type crafts, New Age crafts, teach classes and sell their products to provide income for the individuals and the project. Outside lecturers will also be welcomed to come and teach classes, workshops, retreats, and seminars. The public will be invited to attend those events for a fee and have the opportunity to spend a night, or week and see what we are all about. It is intended that the public can come and stay in old-fashioned cabins, or tents, or even camp on the property and see what is possible in a loving, positive community. 

At the same time, the ability to live off the grid through the wise use of solar electric and other alternative energy, use of land organically, and learning handcrafts in the 'old' ways, will give us the ability to survive any possible crisis that might arise in the future. 

An analogy for the Community project is digging below the ground to find the "Hall of Records," which is below the surface of the 'conscious mind,' that is, in the collective unconscious mind. The Hall of Records contains the entire history of the human race, the nature of Deity, cosmos, and mankind, as well as future possibilities. 

The quickening involves the increase of more and more people experiencing meaningful coincidences or synchronicities. This often starts with repeated coincidences of seeing numbers such as 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, and the other triplets. It will become more and more clear that we are dreaming collectively. Dreams which predict events are also increasing. 

We feel that sooner or later, a certain person of means will have a dream and/or a coincidence that will be so overwhelmingly convincing that he or she will wish to help us expand our online internet project into a physical community project. Our hope is that this will lead to the quantum leap that will expand our work of helping our brothers and sisters to correctly interpret their dreams and experiences, thereby helping to transform our world. 

Some of the material we are finding relates to scientific work. The dreams could help lead to scientific breakthroughs. 

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Check the categories below and send your resumes either GrailLdy@aol.com

or to

Earth Mountain View Educational Research Center
P.O. Box 159
Waterford, CA  95386

ALSO WANTED: individuals or Couples, with or without children:

Interested in establishing Community

Here are some examples of skills we will be looking for.  If you don't fit into any of these, tell us what other skills you do have.  We can use all the help we can get.
Director of Music School Principal /Teachers
Community Center Manager Restaurant Manager
Spiritual Building Manager Advertising/Marketing Manager
Director of Seminars Accountant
Health Center Manager Alternative Health Practitioners
Cooks, Waitresses Rental Manager /Agents
Formal Garden Manager
(Medicine Wheel / Labyrinth)
Orchard Manager
Farm Manager (Organic) Animal Care specialists
Ecology  Holistic Health
Preserving Nature Healing Therapies
Vegetarianism Nurse/ Doctor / Caregiver
Food Preserving Herbal Growing Specialist
Organic Food Raising Nutrition
Solar or Wind  Electricity Horology -growing and usages
Self Sufficiency Preserving Foods
Vehicle Mechanic Media technician/operator
Farming Librarian
Solar Heat Books/Library collections
Artists Computer Technicians
Leathercraft / tanning hides Weaving
Psychic Development Spinning yarn, knitting, etc.
Bee Keeping Spiritual Development
Candle Making Metaphysics
Soap Making Astronomy
Weather Astrology
Wood Workers Home Schooling /teaching
Carpentry Music/ Musical instruments
Construction / concrete./ spraycrete Landscaping /
rock wall building
Blacksmithing Animal Care
Plumbing   Fish Farming
Security Specialists Martial Arts Teachers
Part time sales clerks

Children's sports teachers
Yoga or other holistic exercise such as Qigong or Tai Chi -
Accounting Legal-paralegal
Secretarial-Correspondence Other

Contact us at:  DEE777@AOL.COM

See our website at  http://www.greatdreams.com

or  http://www.earthmountainview.com/