Date: Mon Jun 21, 2004
Subject: Yellowstone - Mystery, Intrigue & Planted Sensors

PLANETNEWS broadcast...
It seems like everywhere I turn to launch a further probe into the covert activities seemingly surrounding the YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO, I come up with surprise after surprise!
My personal Interviews with informed, concerned locals have uncovered a Pandora's box of covert activities taking place in the world-famous YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK.
Forget the seemingly innocent veneer of Yellowstone Park the epitomy of the FAMILY VACATIONLAND, memorialized by television's "Jellystone Park" featuring Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo and "Mr. Ranger, sir!" What lurks beneath the surface of the innocent-seeming family vacation getaway is ANYTHING but innocent!
Interviews with locals in nearby cities such as BOZEMAN (MT) and JACKSON (WY) have uncovered fascinating reports such as the existence of SMALL SENSORS THE SIZE OF QUARTERS, dropped by air throughout various parts of the Park, used to monitor activity and to detect the presence of humans in the more remote locations.
Locals also related to me accounts of plainclothes military in Yellowstone Park, sporting high powered rifles, seen escorting people out of strangely restricted areas of the Park. White government vans accompanied these armed men.
Nestled in some mysterious remote section of Yellowstone Park, is the secretive SILVERTIP LODGE. This lodge is reserved for THE RULING ELITE, who meet here...perhaps as the BILDERBERGERS or OTHER NEW WORLD ORDER ruling elite meet to discuss THE FUTURE OF AMERICA UNDER THE NEW WORLD ORDER.
It is further reported by contacts I have just interviewed, that specialized equipment has been planted in various locations throughout the park, fully capable of ACCELERATING THE GEOTHERMAL/VOLCANIC EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY of Yellowstone Park.
Now WHY would ANYONE want to HASTEN a natural disaster like THIS???
Simple. Artificially create or simulate the activities of a massive underground volcano getting ready to EXPLODE, and you can THEN DECLARE MARTIAL LAW THROUGHOUT THE REGION SUPPOSEDLY TO BE ADVERSELY AFFECTED!!!
This would then involve FORCED EVACUATION to the many nearby DETENTION CAMPS of FEMA and the MILITARY, to house those displaced by this "EMERGENCY."

AHHHH...WHAT A DESIRABLE SCENARIO BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER for this highly Patriotic/militia laden region of America!

Siimply SIMULATE and ARTIFICIALLY TRIGGER a "DISASTER" throughout this region of MONTANA and WYOMING using the YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO as a pretense and staging ground, and THEN force those "evacuated" Montana Patriots, militias and OTHER NWO resisters into the NWO DEATHCAMPS ! What a NWO plot from the darkest realms of DANTE'S INFERNO!
As previously reported by David Bay of CUTTING EDGE ministries, Russia has long been focusing and beaming TESLA scalar frequencies into the grounds of YELLOWSTONE PARK. These frequencies are capable of either creating GREAT heat, or triggering EARTHQUAKES. I have also received reports from local investigators of our own military planting scalar devices in the ground of Yellowstone Park, capable of simulating increasing volcani/cgeothermal activity there, or even able to assist in DELIBERATELY triggering the anticipated volcanic activity.

I am convinced that this is truth, in part because of the strange reports I have been gathering from the YELLOWSTONE GATEWAY REGION of BOZEMAN, MT.
Not long ago, a caller-in to COAST TO COAST radio reported that he was an ambulance paramedic in Bozeman, MT. He was puzzled about the recent rash of people they were rushing to the hospital in Bozeman WHO WERE EXPERIENCING UNEXPLAINED EPILEPTIC SEIZURES. These victims had NO PRIOR HISTORY of EPILEPSY. The paramedic suggested that it could SOMEHOW be related to the strange activity going on at YELLOWSTONE PARK. Could the strange kinds of military frequencies being beamed into the YELLOWSTONE REGION possibly have anything to do with triggering EPILEPTIC SEIZURES...or eventually triggering THE YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO???
I personally believe that the NEW WORLD ORDER elements of our government/military are fully capable of seizing this opportunity to use a natural volcanic phenomena and to divert and trigger and twist it for their own diabolic "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS" purposes in this hour.
I will be personally interviewed by the BRITISH BROADCASTING COMPANY (BBC) when they come to YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK to film their NEW documentary regarding the ongoing mystery and intrigue surrounding THE YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO.
The BBC has also requested that I assist them in OBTAINING THE OPINIONS OF LOCALS throughout that region, so that they too may be interviewed for this special documentary that will then be broadcast world-wide.
If YOU live within the volatile region to be affected by the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO and would like YOUR opinion to be heard AND FILMED on the upcoming BBC documentary AT YELLOWSTONE PARK beginning June 22, PLEASE EMAIL THEM IMMEDIATELY!
-Pam Schuffert