Earth Mountain View Wellness Center

Helping you discover your inner self.

What you should expect before getting in touch with us

Breaking the barriers of mind

We focus on your mind only. Our spiritual wellness center involves lots of activities that boost your brain power, as well as your body. Everything we do revolves around a perfect balance between your body and mind, from occasional physical exercises to meditation and even prayers at times.

Meditation techniques

Meditation is not all about relaxation, but also about enhancing your mind with extra power.

There are multiple meditation techniques out there. We have experts to introduce you to all of them. Obviously, we sort our visitors according to what they need. They are put together in classes and taught how to perform the ultimate meditation technique for their needs.

Group activities

Most of our activities are organized for groups, yet individual courses are also organized at times.

Classes are not random. People are put together based on their necessities, similarities and expectations. We try to keep classes as small as possible for maximum efficiency, so they never exceed 10 people – usually, less than that. They are flexible and repetitive for everyone to attend them.

Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee is an expert in six types of meditation and one of our most prolific teachers. She is also one of the co-founders of the company.

John Kane

John Kane is the other co-founder of Earth Mountain View and one of our marketing directors – we would not be here without him.

Diana McMahon

Diana McMahon has spent many years teaching spiritual wellness all across the world, but especially in China and Japan.

Brandon Spears

With over 15 years of experience in spiritual wellness, Brandon Spears will show you the right way in no time.